Financial Freedom

Thursday, November 17, 2011
I am not the usual smart girl. The one who gets straight A's. I can call myself a STREET SMART kind of girl. The one who knows my way around Davao. The one who can charm people to get what I want. The one who makes all things possible just to pass math. (my weakness)

 But, I have a dream, and my dream is to become self sufficient. You can blame it to the times of my childhood.
I'm the girl who always have second hand clothes from my sister, or get a black Jansport bag because my cousins already had the good ones in the balikbayan box. The one who gets just one barbie (black-african) one because my mom can't afford it. I can't tell myself that we were not rich, we were just an average happy family who do the regular budgeting. My parents always treats us really good. Specially on giving love and food.

 I did the household chores, imagine I'm the youngest, so I always have the biggest work.
I promised myself that  when I grow up, I will work really hard. That's what my mom taught me.
I put that in my mind. Specially when she went to New York to let us go to a good school. Although we had the things that we want then, my thirst for financial freedom is very high.

So, in my life, I clearly want to buy some stuffs that I love. I went to college, had a plan.

Now that I have my own money, a writer, a business woman, a mother who wants the best for my child, and a daughter who wants to show my love to my mom, I clearly have a financial goal.

Of course I have my purchases from my shopping sprees from clothes, make up and the likes, but I always try to save up.

I learned the hard way when me and my hubby had a fight and I decided if I go, I don't have any money with me. After that, I realized that it's bad not to save for your own. That day changed my financial perspective.

I don't wanna be the girl who people thinks as  a desperate housewife  who has a sense of entitlement to just to live off with my husband's cash. I also want to save up for the future, for emergencies and the like.

I don't want to borrow money from anyone because it's sad to be in that position. I know life is not about money, but in reality we need it.

So, in my own little way, as a woman, who wants to be successful work at home/businesswoman, these are my financial plans. (Of course I would never admit what I already did.)

1. Get SSS
2. Philhealth
3. Pag-ibig
4. St. Peter savings account/ lot for burial
5.Manulife/Sunlife for Insurance/Mutual Funds.
6. Real Estate
7. Always have emergency cash with you so that you will not sell your properties in a low price.
8.Stock Market-Last choice
9.Savings-- In your income always put away savings, no matter how small it is,it can save you specially for the rainy days, or even retirement.
10. Invest in business if you have a good hand for them. If your passionate enough. As I had observed there are some people who are born to be an employee and some as businessman. You have to know what you are. I'm blessed that I am both. :)
11. Remember - anything that is too good to be true - pyramiding or etc.. is bullshit.
Lastly, don't forget to still have fun. Don't ask your children to give you money when you get old.

That's about it, you might see me as a vain girl, but I'm always one step ahead.
I have a backbone, I have a dream. I'm a Beyonce! LOL

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