"Diamonds aren't a girl's best friend--freedom is."

Sunday, January 29, 2012
I am a fan of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The title of my blog is from Camille Grammer's quote on the show.
I find it really true. I'm not really a fan of jewelries. But if someone gives me, who am I to turn it down?
I find freedom really important. Growing up, my parents were so strict to me, and that I understand because that's for my own good and for my safety.

I married early, and I am really lucky to have a husband who lets me be. Freedom is really important to me. Having fun with friends, and I have pure platonic guy friends, and he lets me be with them. I can go out as much as I want to as long as he thinks I'm doing a good job in our business and to my son. In our finances, I have my own business and own job, and he is quite generous with his money with me. I really appreciate it because I don't have a jealous husband who I have to be worried of what he might think. 
Lastly, having freedom to do what I really love. Having the time to be with my son, being with my hubby all the time, do what I really want in life knowing that I don't have to hate waking up every morning is what makes me so grateful. I am always counting my blessings everyday of my life.
That's why no material things can replace freedom because I can grow as a person. You have to cherish it and not break the trust of your partner or else, freedom will be taken away and you will be miserable.

To be continued.. I'll talk about the time I was miserable from a toxic relationship.

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~~~ Lacy and Pink/ Food tasting with hubby :)~~~

Friday, January 27, 2012
My outfit for the food tasting :)

My hubby, the simple guy.. hehe.. I love him for it :)

Hubby taking pictures of me

Hubby does not want to have a picture

Food tasting :)

Yum Yum

Love the food! I have good taste tlga! :)

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012
I'm sorry for the super late post! :)

1. To put SPF Lotion daily, and I will include my neck.

2. I have to go easy on my skin. Sometimes we want the fast way to make our skin beautiful, but it irritates our skin. Over exfoliating or too much chemicals can be harsh on your skin. So be patient and use only one product at a time.

3.Do not use hair products everyday. I recently tried natural shampoos and conditioners from Human Nature, and it lessened my hair fall. Don't use heat styling curlers or straighteners everyday, it will make your hair dry.

4. Always clean your face before you go to sleep. I use St. Ives make up remover. 'Nuff said.

5.If you have pimples, don't pop it on your own way. Use a good product like Tea tree oil or wait for it to be gone. Don't think about it too much or else it will be bigger. (psychological)

6.Try sleeping on your back to avoid wrinkles :)

7.This is so hard.. to keep your hands from rubbing your eyes whenever it feels itchy. It causes wrinkles but I can't stop it. 

8. When you go to the gym, don't wear foundations, or concealers. Okay, if you have a crush, wear a dark lipstick, mascara, eyebrow liner and a cute hair bun. That is fine.

9.So it's January, it's now time to remove your expired make up! It causes pimples and blackheads!

Mascara - throw after 3 months
Foundation and concealer- one year
eyeshadow and powder - two years

10. Clean your make up brushes. :)

11. Try experimenting on make up. It will make you more beautiful and confident. Don't close your doors trying it, because when you get old, you can't experiment na. :)

Happy New Year :)

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My ordinary day

Friday, January 13, 2012
Hey guys, I just want to post this inspirational picture because it's cute, and inspirational for my upcoming church wedding. :)

So my day goes like this.. Camwhoring in the afternoon. I go out after lunch because I work online, our ICafe business branches to manage and well, be a blogger.. earning earning, loving it, loving it. Did I say I'm loving it???

So for our late lunch, my hubby and I eat Leylam's shawarma.. so yummy eh?! We buy 3. We share the third one! We said goodbye to rice!

Shawarma.. yummyyyyy!!!!
We have a branch in Cabantian, and here is our competitor. Boo yeah! LOl The pic is just for fun okay? It's suppose to be funny. It's good to have a competition! :)

Players, internet users, go to our Net central Branch. Please be LOYAL!

My gift for Liam.

Me and my hubby went to Abreeza so I can buy the house for Liam and gift for my sis!

Loving Paris. Wish I could go there someday! (save, save, save)
Jumper jeans and Hipster glasses! :)

Dream big! Do your own thing!


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Fashion # 24 Tattered

Wednesday, January 11, 2012
My tattered blouse

My cool accessories!

Hey guys! Been busy about my wedding! Promise to make beauty blogs next week! Tnx for checking out my page. tnx! :)

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Dayenni Bru's 18th Bday

Sunday, January 8, 2012
One of my best college friend turned 30 (18 last Thursday)
It just shows age is just a number because she still looks young and super slim
my friend adrian, smart and hardworking guy.
Together for so many years. We had been good friends since the day we met.

with adrian our college groupmate
Happy Bday Yanni, we love you!

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What a week!

Friday, January 6, 2012
I had plans to make a BEAUTY RESOLUTIONS blog  for my readers but I had a tough week.
Jan 1, my hubby and I had a huge fight about our business. But now it's okay, but it seems like a bad start. Then I hit two children by accident because of a parents negligence. Very traumatic but I got over it. Have to fix my car which adds to my extra expenses!  Then I got sick which was terrible. Lastly, my son now has fever.

I usually am a very optimistic person but so many things happened in a week. Last year was a great year for me. I hope it will be better. I declare Lord. Just don't hurt my kryptonite, my family. 

Things to look forward to this 2012:
1. Gain more friends.
2. Vacation in Hongkong, Manila, Malaysia? 
3. Our most awaited church wedding this June.
4. Honeymoon in Boracay or Palawan
5. More beauty blogs to help and inspire women.
6. More business ventures
7. To be able to pay all my bills.
8. Have time with my sis, bro, mom 
9. Liam finishes his playschool. He will be in Nursery soon. (Time flies so fast)

Things will get unpredictable. More stories and things to come. As long as Im strong I can conquer!

Aja Aja! :)

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Fashion #23 Ruffle Surprise/ Bonding with Aissa :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012
Vest from WagW shorts from Soul
Went to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for some major girl talk with Icey
Hot for me, cold for her. Cheesecake for both of us. Share, share, share
Aissa will get married early this month, me no specific date yet. Im already married via civil wedding. Been waiting for my wedding for 4 years now. My dream wedding will come to reality atlast! Anyway, I'm Icey's Maid of honor.
Add caption
I love my outfit, it's simple and girly. I'll experiment more with my vests and shorts soon. :)


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Fashion # 22 Lovin' Leopards/My New Year!

Monday, January 2, 2012
Cheetah blouse - Femme, Skirt - SM Department store, Shoes-Gibi
New Year dinner with extended family :)
New Year's eve with my son!

with my hubby!
Polka dots dress for the New Year
Coffee mode with my son and hubby!

with my two loves

Liam making a cute face

Love this pic
trying out black and white
The Holidays is over. Back to reality! More blessing to come for everyone! :)

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