I love my Bohemian Life!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013
 When you live in a place where it is so hot.. and all you can think is to go to the beach (15 minutes away), You really want to dress comfy and fresh! Today is so freakin' hot! So I decided to wear my bohemian chocolate pants. Then I used my corset top with my new knitted rust orange blazer.
 When I was in College, all I think was to go to NY, NY, NY! But now, I just want to visit the wonderful place. I love my life here, everyday is so wonderful and fulfilling. There are days when it is a challenge, Come on, we all have our problems to deal with, but to live life with determination and happiness makes me giddy up inside! Today, I am also so happy coz I'm with my sister. She's back after 2 years working as a nurse! Hopefully God will help her as she start a new venture. I will also help her! and Eric too. I hope she stays here for a long long time. I love my family.

 with my wonderful company, sister and Zusette. Say hello to my adorable son! He looks so tanned from our Banana Beach trip.
 I love my new bracelet! SO cute!
 I still can't get over the bracelet!
I love my bohemian life! To God be the Glory!

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Mommy Blog: For all children who have OFW parents

Friday, March 22, 2013
Hey guys! Here is a pic of my son receiving his merit ward, Good in Memory Verse. I guess he got it from his dad who was always in Talumpatis when he was in grade school in Stella Maris.

I am so proud of my son and everytime there is an activity/program at school, I made it a point to be there always.

When I was in second year highschool, my mom has to go to New York so that me and my siblings can go to good schools, for us to have a brighter future. Before she left, she loaded us with good values and for us to be prepared on anything. To be a good person. To not try bad vices.

So, fast forward when she left, I had important presentations that she was not there, 2 graduations, High School and College, heartbreaks and some lifes challenges. Passing the board exams, Even my civil wedding she was not able to come. Although my mom is always there for me by phone, skype or by heart, sometimes I really feel sad that she was not there, coz she is so special to me. She is the only constant person in my world, and yes there are days that it is really sad and painful. Specially when I did something really good and I want her there to witness it with me. That kind of life made me strong to fight with all my problems. Sometimes when I was upset with my problems my mom made me stronger and told me that I have to fix it on my own and I don't need anyone to fix it for me. I remember the time when my mom did not gave us budget to ride a tricycle to get to our house, and I was always walking under the heat of the sun, thinking to myself, that someday I will have my own car. She only gave us extra money when it's our birthday or Christmas and I kept saying to myself, someday I can afford the clothes that I want to wear, and I will have my own clothing store. LOL (dream come true)

So now, I became a mom, I really am 100% there with my son. I want him to experience what I missed in my life. I want him to feel that I am there.

I love my mom and I know she wants to be there for me too, but our life is meant to be like that. I am who I am now because of her and I'm so grateful for her. Love you ma.

For me, I chose to be here as long as I can for my son and future children... I want him to be molded like the way my mom did, to live life with goals. So for those of you who wants to have children, or already have one, make sure that you are there for your child.. cause time will really pass by, and you might not know what will happen, and the life's challenges will let you be apart...

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Mommy Blog: LeapFrog TAG Reading System Review

Hey momma readers! I have a special review for your child! My mom gave me the tag reading system. It is really very good. Even though my son knows how to read already, this Tag reading system made him read faster/learn words faster by this Reader! OMG I was so shocked to hear my son read well, in just 2 days of working with the system. Thanks Mom! Love you! 

Here is a complete explanation on what its all about: 

The LeapFrog Tag Reading System – Green uses touch technology to engage children and bring reading to life. Tag helps children build the skills to learn to read, and games and learning activities help reinforce new skills, building confidence and encouraging children to continue to explore and discover a love of reading and learning. Each touch to the pages of specially printed storybooks, puzzles, maps and more triggers audio responses that support and surprise, engaging children's senses to make reading - and learning - a rich, fulfilling experience. The Tag system holds audio for up to 10 titles at a time from a vast library featuring characters from favorite TV, movie and classic tales and offers easy audio downloads with no cartridges to lose. The reader features an adjustable volume control, and it turns itself off automatically after a period of inactivity. You can also see specific details of your child’s reading progress through the free, online LeapFrog Learning Path. Winner of more than 55 awards worldwide.
  • Helps kids learn consonants, vowels, vocabulary, phonics skills, word recognition, phonological awareness and listening and reading comprehension
  • Touch the pages of specially printed storybooks, puzzles, maps and more with the Tag Reader to trigger audio responses that support and surprise
  • Touch technology engages children and brings reading to life
  • Audio is easy to download - no cartridges to lose
  • Tag Reader has an adjustable volume control and automatically turns itself off after a period of inactivity to help save battery life
  • Tag system holds audio for up to 10 titles at a time from a vast library featuring characters from favorite TV, movie and classic tales
  • Free, online LeapFrog Learning Path lets you see specific details of your child’s reading progress

Okay, so here is my Beatles inspired shades that my son loves to play with
Here is the time when he used the Leapfrog Tag reader.
Hope you try this mommas!

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My hubby's bday at FarmVilI

I'm a city girl at heart, but spending this special day in the farm with the Zamora family is so freakin fun and cool.

Alrighty, when we arrived, I already started the photoshoot galore.

I really had fun with the Zamoras. The kids was really experiencing  the beauty of nature.

 I really love how my husband is also a child at heart playing with Liam and CHloe.

 With my ever reliable Marchely.

 Happy Bday my Love!

 My son playing with a chick.
 Stop and smell the flowers.

 Ek with her sis 

 Look at the beautiful mountains. :)

 The Zamora family.
 Our little bahay kubo!
 So beautiful and majestic. :)
 The boys playing kite.

My hubby is so special beyond words! He is such a great person and I'm so lucky to have him in my life. His uncle and lolo surprised him with Live Radio birthday song greetings for an hour. It is so sweet. I hope my hubby will have more years to come and hope God will bless us with another baby soon!

Our treasure, our life...


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Glitter and Mint Green

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Yo! Everybody! LOL I had a dinner date with Cherry last night and we went to Bigbys our favorite!
So Cherry fixed my hair  because it was so flat. Now it has volume.
Dont you love my blouse? I love it to. It's from Forever 21.
I mixed glitter and leather for a more glamorous look.

Here is our dinner pic. She looks like Marian Rivera here. hehehe
I miss her much! But we still see each other almost everyday in Victoria Plaza.

It's so nice to have an intimate bonding time with her again. It's been 3 weeks since we had our girls night! :)

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Red and Leather

Monday, March 18, 2013
 Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday! It was a very manic Monday yesterday and today is even crazier! :) 
Even though its quite a busy day I wanted to dress up. Red dress from Budget Barbie and Leather Jacket from Divisoria.
 It's amazing that I have my own salon but I still don't have the time to blowdry my hair or even fix it nicely. I guess I'm born to have Serena Van derwoodsen hair, as my hubby calls it 'walay ligo' hair. Haha. I'm not a big fan of super fixed hair. I love effortless hair. :)

I hope you love my look! P.S. the leather is so thin, its not that hot! :) LOL

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