So Happy! Got my Wedge Sneakers at last!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hey Loves! I had been eyeing wedge sneakers for a long long time! Since August Actually. Ever since Maggie Wilson loved it and Anne Curtis liked the trend also. Remember the Anne Curtis inspired look?

Look at the celebs wearing them! They look so comfortable! I have that cheetah scarf same as Rosie!

Anne Curtis wearing Marant Shoes that I can't afford!

here are other celebs wearing the wedge sneakers!

Here are the links for my inspiration!

Tadaaaahhhh! Here's my sneaker wedges! I hope you love it. I was torn between the white floral one or this! Gosh! But still I chose this because it's so easy to match with my outfits. Pretty much classy! Last month, I went to Divisoria just to look for this but it costs 6,000 same as Anne Curtis Marant Shoes! But hey, this is Forever 21, worth P2090 only! Pretty much worth it than to buy Marc Jacobs or Marant Shoes! LOL. Just too happy, I need to post this! Mwah! Happy Sunday everyone!


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Emerald Green Color of the Year

Hello loves! Just wanna share to you my outfit from my hubby's friend, JP-Jesyl Wedding! 
This is for sale! for P300 only. Preloved!

I completed my outfit with black flower earrings and gold necklace. Did my own make up. Hair on my salon. LOL

Styled my son and hubby! 
blonde ambition.

My little loving family!


with my happy son!

my precious loves!
Hope you all get what I have in this world! True Love! It really exists!

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Quote of the Day

Friday, January 25, 2013

Life is so ironic, you have big dreams, and yet, God will give you another destiny that someday you will realize that you are better with it than your dream...

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Beauty: Nyx Auto Eyebrow Pencil Review ---THE BEST!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hey everyone! Another quick beauty post! This is my favorite brow eyeliner ever!!!!
It's simply the best! My friend Cherry Maning introduced me with this product! Some of you may know, I love the Etude House brow Mascara for a long time! But when I tried this, it's really really good. I'm not turning back! It exceeded my expectations!It has the same quality as Mac Lingering eyebrow liner or even better. And what more can you ask for? It's ultra affordable! Less than P300 pesos. You can find this wonderful product in Chimes!

 Hope you can try it also and message me if 

you like it. For requests contact me.

On my official account:

On my email:

Create flawless arches with this eyebrow pencil, a blend of vegetable, coconut and soy bean oil that guarantees a fluid application and sensational color. Use the built-in brush to blend color and style your eyebrows to perfection. Available in 8 shades.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy Monday Everyone! My son has no class today, so I have the time to make a blog post for Monday. This day is usually so hectic coz it's the start of a work week. Having multiple businesses means scheduling is quite important, but I'll get to that in another day. First up! The Push Up bra of the eyes! My go-to eyeliner.

I bought this Etude House eyeliner coz My Maybelline Eyeliner fave is now phase out. ;(  Etude House being ultra affordable and good quality, I bought this Oh M Eyeliner. I thing it's less than P250.
Since I'm a busy mom, I just don't have the time to put liquid eyeliner because sometimes the liquid liner will scatter all over my eyes, then I have to repeat all over again, with a make up remover, then have to conceal my eyes again...NO TIME FOR THAT.
When I used this product, it exceeded my expectations. Very easy to apply and 10% error.. lol. So you will have 90% chance to perfect your eyeliner in your upper lid. Of course it will not also hurt your budget.
So this is a great eyeliner and hope you will try it.
Hope I helped you on my blog. Stay Tuned for more. Sorry for the delayed blog posts. Very busy! Bye now, have a happy week!

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Earth Green

Friday, January 18, 2013

Hey everyone! I went to Manila to meet with my suppliers. Then went to Republiq with my girl friend Arlene. This dress will be available for P350 only. So grab your dresses at Budget Barbie PH to look good on your Valentine date/loved one!
Shoes from Charles and Keith.
Dress: Budget Barbie PH
I chose this color because this is not common. The dress is so comfortable and I can wear it from day to night.

Here at Eastwood with my Mango inspired Blazer!

Here at Serenitea with my loves! Havin so much fun!

I hope you love my look here!

I love the lightings and the ambiance at Serenitea!

I love this Yakult green tea! Yum2

about to go home!
with the leather jacket

My Anne Curtis inspired hat!

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Friday, January 11, 2013


Rhinestones in sheer, denim or tops is still good for 2013.. There's nothing like embellishing your tops for a more pretty get up. 

 One of the best trends, in I think forever, is the lace - vintage blouses. I had been a fan since grade 4. My aunty who lives in New York at that time gave us free clothes from the flea market and I had one of those white blouse that I kept for 6 years of my life. When I see lace, I see sexy-feminine-confident woman. Glad it's back with some of the sexy twists.
 Here is Nicole Andersson wearing lace peplum.. and wearing the latest hot trendy color, Burgundy.

 Peplums is still great for January to March. It gives a sexy hour glass in a woman's body.

 Emerald Green is the color of the year.Who could have known it. But I embraced it. I already have 2 Emerald greens as a stock for Budget Barbie Ph but I will post it next week. I will decide if I sell it or it will be holding on to my closet.
Sheer tops are still wearable for 2013.
yes, the Burgundy pants/skirts. It's such a cool color. Specially on your nails, bags or lips. It's very trendy now. I hope I can find something Burgundy to my supplier.


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Not a Desperate Housewife anymore

Thursday, January 10, 2013
Blouse - Forver 21
Skirt - Budget Barbie PH
Sandals C and K

 Hi everyone, today is not an ordinary post of the day because I want to talk to you about my newest project, my very own salon! Glam GoddeZ!
If your asking why Z for the name, it's because of Zamora. My hubby is the major reason why I have this new project because he promised me that someday he will give me my very own business that I'm passionate about. I am so proud to say that my hubby/Zamora believed in me and invested in me.

You see, my husband is a self-made man. He reached his goal through hard work and not from his parents. When I met him in College, he already has his own playstation gaming business. When we got together, he started with his own internet cafe just beside his parents house and it clicked. All that time, I was his shadow. I was his number 1 fan, cheerleader, and now he has branches in different places in Davao and Tagum branch together with his partner Aldo Cunanan.  Aldo and Eric has a good partnership, that's why their business is still booming after merely  5 years already. All the while, I was with Eric and I was always there for him through thick or thin.

When we got married, He really made me happy because he just wants me to rest, be a housewife and be just me. But I was not equipped to be like that. I am born to be someone, to be something and not just an ordinary wife. I want to be proud of myself, and I believe that I could do or change something in this world.

Everything started when I designed the Zamora's house. My father in law/mother in law and Eric told me that I have a great eye for design. Then I started helping Eric with his new branches (interior designing) of his inet cafe, and I am proud of what I had been doing.
So last year, for saving money (years of saving) I decided to start my very own business in Victoria Plaza, Budget Barbie PH. I'm not new to the business because I love clothes and I had an online store before via Multiply and, but I stopped because I wanted to pursue Nursing but it did not push through.
I did not love the job, it's not my passion. It's not for me. I believe I am the creative girl, not the skillful healthworker. I'm just lucky that I have the opportunity now that I have a choice not to be a nurse.

With the help of Cherry Maning, a GMA local celebrity, my Budget Barbie PH took off. She helped me advertise my business and I am so happy and grateful for what she had done to my business. Stand by for we are brainstorming a partnership ;)
Having your own boutique is a pretty tough job. So don't think that everything is all about glamour, I am always haggard. :) I try to beautify atleast 3 times a week. :)

Eric and me found a new location, in Panacan Highway, and it really has a lot of potential. So I decided that we should open Chicken Central because it's a nice trendy business. With lots of help from my mother in law and our trusty cook, Ate Vicky, we started the business. Everyday is a constant learning from us, we are improving now. The business really took off when we provided free pay-per-view Manny Paquiao-Marquez fight. People came back for more. The location is pretty nice because its in a public market, banks, pawnshops etc. Beside the Chicken Central, we decided to put on my very own salon, because Panacan has no high end salon but at the same time cheap price. So we decide to invest with the design of the Salon, flat screen TV and airconditioned place but very cheap price for all kinds of people. 
All together, today was the first day of my salon. I am very happy and contented with my life.

I love to dress up - Budget Barbie PH
I love to eat - Chicken Central
I love the internet - Net Central, Station E Station F
I love to beautify - Glam GoddeZ Salon

Life is pretty much ironic and I believe that God gave me this to help other people like giving jobs to them, while doing my passion. Having my own time, being with my son and hubby all the time. Have time with my friends and family...
All I can say that I am very thankful that I'm not gonna be a victim of the rat race anymore.. I will do my best to make everything work...I am my own boss!
I also want to thank my mom for being my inspiration with everything. I believe she brought me up to be who I am now, and maybe, just maybe, my husband fell in love with me and everything fell into place.
I may not be the richest girl in this world, but me and my husband have everything that we want and that is to work hard to achieve our dreams, chill sometimes and be passionate with life..

Thank God I am not a desperate housewife anymore...
I am a supermom and I am thanking the people around me for it..

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” 
― Paulo CoelhoThe Alchemist

“But if you believe yourself worthy of the thing you fought so hard to get, then you become an instrument of God, you help the Soul of the World, and you understand why you are here.” 
― Paulo CoelhoThe Alchemist

Now, for some photos from the opening of my salon:
 with my hairdresser
 with my manicuristas

 Nail Art for 150
 with my pretty pink sofa.. :)
Thank You Lord for giving me you.

I love you so much. Your my angel!

Hope you will also be inspired with my story. Believe in yourself.. ask God for guidance... :)


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Fun Weekend with Soul Sister Cherry

Sunday, January 6, 2013
Hi everyone!  I have 2 days of fashion post for you! This dress from Jetsetter Chic on FB.

I love my Hipster glasses from my Whatever 21 accessory line from Budget Barbie PH... it's sold out already.

I combined my yellow and black dress with turquoise earrings. I believe yellow and turquoise are a great combination. Also Turquoise is also great with pink and violet shades. :) I am wearing contact lens from Australia. I forgot the name of the brand.

Jetsetter Chic! The owner Lala Perez is an international flight attendant. The name of her clothing store suits her really well.

We watched Sisterakas that day and went to eat ice cream at Creamery Cafe at The Peak, Gaisano Mall.

I love the place. It's really comfortable and homey. The lights are really good for photography.

tsup, mwah

We love dressing up and photography!

friends forever!
This pics were taken last Friday! We went to Abreeza and had major bonding time. Cherry wants to start up her own business.. and what's a friend gotta do is to help and support her. You will all be excited with her new business because it's her passion. :)
Cherry's blouse from Cotton On
Shorts : Mango
Shoes: C and K
Me -Budget Barbie PH
Bag - Forever 21
Shoes : C and K

Tomorrow will be about beauty review. Standby! :)

For more recent pics about me, check my Instagram, I am a certified IG addict now , follow me: farahbudgetbarbieph

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