Christmas Dinner with Cherry

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hi everyone! Just want to show you my Christmas dinner with Cherry! We went to eat at Lotus Court, Marco Polo

                                   Here's my outfit last night! The Michelle Phan Inspired Dress!

                                             Lotus Court Serves Chinese food. Score 6/10.

                                  Sexy Cherry wearing Budget Barbie PH for only P800 only

                                         I love the lace design on my dress!Im also wearing Budget Barbie PH
Dress : Budget Barbie PH
Shoes: Primadonna
FYI - Cherry paid for the food :)
a moment to remember
Time to eat!

Then we went to The Deck to have some wholesome cocktails. Shirley Temple for me, Cherry - Coke Zero
Cherry's gift - CHarles and Keith bag, .My favorite!

My bag!
My gift - Forever 21 Sneakers--- First time Cherry got this shoes.. she always wear heels so it's new for her! Then a cute wallet for passport and other imp stuff!

Life is so ironic, how can you be so close with someone in this lifetime? We always thought that the friends we gain when we are young will be the true ones, but Cherry proved me that she is a really good friend, and fun to be with too!

not in good terms look!

Friends Forever!

We just love to dress up for the night! It's just out girl trip! hehehe. We have an awesome time! It was so cold here we went home before 12! Hope you love the pics! Cherry's dress here is still for Sale! Happy Holidays

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Cute Little Pink Girl

Friday, December 21, 2012
 Hi everyone! Here's my decent outfit post. I had been noticing that all of my recent blogposts has been in a rush and I'm just posting for the sake of it. There was some wrong grammars and wrong spelling along the way. Sorry for that. I was just too busy with Budget Barbie PH and Chicken Central that I was not been able to check it and I was posting for 5 minutes,no time to edit and check all of it. Next time I will be more careful.

This was my outfit last Saturday.. Time for Xmas Shopping and errands with my hubby for our loved ones. I bought this very cute headband in Manila.
Blouse from Kamiseta given by Mael Huan
Bag and Sandals: Charles and Keith

Skirt from Singapore Bugis.

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Hubby boy's Xmas Gift to me

Wednesday, December 19, 2012
 Hi guys! It's that time of the year again, when I can be a spoiled princess by my hubby. The only time that he spoils me with gifts -- on my Bday and Christmas time. Although he spoils me everyday, but this time of the year its much more legal. LOL.
Ever since we started our relationship, we love to give gifts to each other. Hubby wants to give me gadgets, which never fails to amaze me.From phones, camera, DSLR, appliances and the like. I'm not a fan of gadgets but he made me loved it. It really makes my life easier. When we were bf-gf, he surprised me with Asaki Cooler because I told him that I have a hard time sleeping because its so hot in our house. He also brought me new bed sheets, curtains and the like as a surprise with bouquet of flowers and a new cp for me. When we got married, his priority was to buy me airconditioner so that I will have a good sleep. :)
Anyway, enough of that, I, too loves giving him gifts too. I save up a lot for it such as his slightly expensive eyeglasses, shoes, clothes etc. We just love making each other happy. We love spoiling each other. Would you want to give your special someone gifts too if you have the ability and you work hard? I guess the answer would be a big Yes.

So this Xmas, I am obsessed with Charles and Keith. So we went to Abreeza Mall to buy me a bag and shoes. Then I added wallet which made him scratch his head. LOL! He also gave me a Coach Bag! So sweet!!! :) I am so happy. I think I deserve it too. I work hard for our family and I gave everything to keep us happy. I told him next year it should be Chanel or Louis Vuitton. Let me cross my fingers!!!
This days, we are so busy with Budget Barbie Ph, Inet Cafe and our Chicken Central. We are also renovating my very own parlor! I'm very interested on making it so girly. pink/White. I think the parlor is the greatest gift my hubby gave me. Budget Barbie PH was established with my own savings! Chicken Central is also a gift from my hubby too in order for me to become more independent (wishing to help my mom and dad with health problems.) I am so lucky to have a very supportive husband and I could not ask anything more, I just hope and pray that he will always be the same man that I met...Wait... I'm also planning a surprise gift to my hubby!He has no idea! OMG! I plan to give it to him this Xmas at midnight! I will post it soon! :) I hope he will be so happy with my gifts. I already gave him tons of shirts and he thought that was my gift. haha Let's see who will be happy this Xmas! :)

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Whatever 21 Shades Line and MTS Bazaar

Hi everyone! Sorry for the super late post.. It's Xmas time and all my businesses are so busy.. will blog this Saturday for a more detailed and fabulous pics. 

At our first day of our MTS bazaar, Budget Barbie PH is featured in GMA c/o these 3 wonderful girls. Cherry, Mariz, and Dotty! 
That night I also met Aileen Aala. Very nice and cute girl!

Good times!

Showcasing Whatever 21shades.. It was really saleable! Need to go back in Manila for new supplies!

I was interviewed for Una Ka Bai to invite people that they should come to the event and explain to them that they are helping people from Typhoon Pablo, and at the same time helping us small entreprenuers build our product. Support the Filipino Business!

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Sunday, December 9, 2012
Hey Guys! I love my look yesterday. I'm with Angelina Jolie look, black with emerald green stones. I also combined my necklace with black earrings. Don't you love it?

Don't you love Cherry's red necklace? My pasalubong from Manila. She combined it with Forever 21 polo. 
I finished my look with red lips for a more sophisticated look.

Chillin with her. I'm so stressed lately, I really need to breathe and relax.

Time to take a lot of girly pics!

Cherry's dessert.

Cherry said that I should take a pic with Superman coz I wore Supergirl costume last time.

Checking out books to read at Fully Booked.


Then we decided to have a massage at our fave Oriental Touch! Then we went home. Girl time satisfaction. Love you besh!

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