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Sunday, August 11, 2013
Say Hello to my new blog!

www.budgetbarbara.blogspot.com! :)

Hope to see you there! :) 

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Day 5: Microtel by Wyndham Palawan

Hey Loves! It's the last part of my Palawan adventure. For the last part, we went to Microtel by Wyndham resort.
I paid P3,750 for the night. I was excited to get there because they have their own beach and pool. But sad to say that we arrived with a very low tide. So I tried taking a nap in the hammock which was so relaxing.

When it was about 4:00 in the afternoon, me and my son had a quick swim in the pool.

Sunrise. my alone time. Taken by my new samsung camera

I cannot suggest for you to go here because I was quite disappointed with the service. The people are not as kind as the others. The breakfast buffet is not yummy. Pretty much boring and dry. The over all conclusion is that because there are so many Microtel hotels worldwide, they did not have the heart of service anymore. Just pure business. Compared to Daluyon, which is a very nice experience for us.
What I like about the hotel is that there is a  free van service every 2 hours..:) So free transpo for us.. specially going to the airport.
Score: 5/10

What you need to know about Palawan: People are generally so kind. Specially the tricycle drivers. You will not get lost while you are on vacation. There are no thieves that I had encountered. Everybody are so polite and potentially want to give good service to the tourists.
Everything there should always be by schedule. If you want to book anything, you should book it the day before. Specially on renting a van, or even riding on a public van.
If you want to go to the Subterranean river, book it 2 months in advance.
Watch out for the tiles in the airport. OMG my son fell because there are a lot of uneven broken tiles. Please Philippine government... renovate the airport in Palawan :(

Hope you enjoyed my pictures from my experience in Palawan! Next year will be going on a Vacay internationally. Hopefully if God permits.. and also in El Nido Palawan hopefully early next year! :)

Anyway, I am working on a new blogsite! :) Hopefully it can be live by next week! :)

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The Famous Honda Bay Tour in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Hey Loves! Here is my second to the last Palawan blog diary! We went to Honda Bay, which there are a lot of beaches to enjoy from. Unfortunately, we only went to three islands.... First,  Pandan Island,then to Starfish island and last, Luli Island... I think the government controls the tourists now, because one of my companion said that last year, they went to about five or six islands. But nevertheless, we tried to enjoy the ride. :)

It was such a fine day with my hubby and son.. it's true when people say, it's always the company that's important. We always have a good time! The beach is so nice and the sand is fine and white. But compared to Boracay, I loved Bora more. :)

We paid 1,300/person. Everything is free from a private van, free lunch, free merienda, a nice tourist guide and a very comfortable destination.

So here are some of our pics!

Pandan Island

Starfish Island

Luli Island

Hope you love our pictures! Hope you will visit Palawan too! :)

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Palawan Day 3: Daluyon Mountain Resort

Friday, August 9, 2013
Hey Guys! Here is just a compilation in one of the best moments of my life. My stay in Daluyon Mountain Resort in Palawan. I can rate it to 10/10. They have good service. They are all so accommodating and kind! :)
It will take you 2 hours just to get there, it's far from the city, but it is only walking distance from the Subterranean river. It is just so wonderful. 
I only paid P5,887, very good for a very nice experience.
There's free breakfast buffet and what can I say, everything was yummy... For our dinner the food and price is great for a hotel.
We had the beach all to ourselves. The sand is white and very very fine. The wave is so unpredictable, which we love. 
Before I decided to stay there, I emailed Christina, and she was very polite and patient with all my requests. I wanted second floor and a great view of the beach, and they gave it to us. My husband was soooo beyond happy with Daluyon, and we definitely want to go back. :)

In short, this place is so good for me. Hope you try staying there also.

For more info: 

Being a mother is the greatest gift on earth.
time to enjoy the beach view.

hubby relaxin'

this is life

buhay semi-retired

our dinner: worth 1k only, I think.

very nice room

free room service coffee, and look at the view!

time for some pictures!

Everything is perfect!  

I want to love, love, to conquer, to fly! :)

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