Palawan Day 3: Daluyon Mountain Resort

Friday, August 9, 2013
Hey Guys! Here is just a compilation in one of the best moments of my life. My stay in Daluyon Mountain Resort in Palawan. I can rate it to 10/10. They have good service. They are all so accommodating and kind! :)
It will take you 2 hours just to get there, it's far from the city, but it is only walking distance from the Subterranean river. It is just so wonderful. 
I only paid P5,887, very good for a very nice experience.
There's free breakfast buffet and what can I say, everything was yummy... For our dinner the food and price is great for a hotel.
We had the beach all to ourselves. The sand is white and very very fine. The wave is so unpredictable, which we love. 
Before I decided to stay there, I emailed Christina, and she was very polite and patient with all my requests. I wanted second floor and a great view of the beach, and they gave it to us. My husband was soooo beyond happy with Daluyon, and we definitely want to go back. :)

In short, this place is so good for me. Hope you try staying there also.

For more info: 

Being a mother is the greatest gift on earth.
time to enjoy the beach view.

hubby relaxin'

this is life

buhay semi-retired

our dinner: worth 1k only, I think.

very nice room

free room service coffee, and look at the view!

time for some pictures!

Everything is perfect!  

I want to love, love, to conquer, to fly! :)

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