How to NOT GAIN WEIGHT this Holiday Season!

Monday, December 26, 2011
Holiday season is the time when  its LEGAL to eat a lot. If you want to maintain your weight like me, I came up with some ideas to fight eating a lot this holiday season and TO NOT FEEL guilty afterwards! :)
Okay, if you have a sweet tooth like me AKA cakes, ice cream, leche flan etc.. then bring your own dessert. Nova grains and Lemon Drop cereal bar are only 100 calories. If you can't resist it, then eat! But don't go overboard and don't give in too much!

yeah baby!

Before going to a party, make sure you are slightly full. Eat wheat bread with your fave spread! So when you go to a party, you don't have to eat A LOT. Don't go to a party hungry. I swear you will eat so much!

If you don't like wheat bread, you can try drinking this drink. Stay Slim. It's available in grocery stores! You will feel full before the PARTY.
If your a fitness buff, try drinking a protein shake! Me and my hubby loves this!

Here's a secret beauty tip. Buy an abdominal bandage. Wear it while you are sleeping. Your stomach will not increase with this one. Who wants no BILBIL.. raise your hand!!!!
Trying it on!
You can also eat your favorite fruit before the party!

This is very tough. Coke, Sprite, Royal sodas are all part of the party. Well, better bring your own drink! Water or a healthy juice will do! So you don't have to drink sodas! I really maintained my weight by not drinking sodas. I do drink if I forget to bring mine!

Drink, drink, drink!
Okay, so YOU GAVE IN WITH THE TEMPTATION. WHAT WILL YOU DO? If I do, I usually drink tea to avoid bloating. I don't suggest this to anyone but it works for me and my sis. It is not good to drink this everyday.

There you go! Hope you will all try this for New Years! It's all for fun and I don't advice it to all. Just showing you how I fight the food temptation! But nothing beats exercise! I exercise 3 x a week! :) HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


  1. Really helpful post sis! I swear I do too what you do, soo can relate especially the abdominal bandage part and strictly no sodas! Stay sexy and lovely always. <3

  2. thanks sis! my lola gave me that beauty tip when I had my baby. The first thing I did when I gave birth was to put the abdominal bandage! LOL