Christmas Gift Suggestions for your Hubby, boyfriend or best guy friend!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
It's Christmas Time! A time to show your hubby/bf that you are grateful that you have him in your life.

The moment we met, this guy always treat me very well, he loves me and adores me! Although our relationship is not perfect, he still is 90% the best hubby! LOL

Don't you just want to cater for your hubby???

The moment he knew that I got pregnant, he took the responsibility really well. He worked hard for our family and always makes time for us. He wakes up to change diaper or takes care of Liam everytime I get too bitchy. Of course he never fails to surprise me with his funny jokes and gifts. It's going to be our 6th year together and I'm so happy! I love you to bits!

Anyway, here are my gift suggestions for your partners.. :)
1. Bench... everything is available from clothes, colognes, bags etc.. but I only buy clothes and sanitizers in Bench.
2. Springfield/ Calvin Klein or Gap Hoodie in Abreeza Mall.
3. Regatta for your fashionable boyfriend or hubby, but there's also cute simple tees available.
4. For everyday use, Folded and Hung, Oxygen and Penshoppe is a no-brainer.
5. I always buy wallet for my hubby in Girbaud, but I've been noticing that it's not worth it. Stick to pure leather in Department stores so it will not be a waste of money.
6. Boys doesn't like to buy perfumes, so better you buy this Christmas.
7.  Matching Adidas Classic Jackets for you and hubby/bf.
8. Bracelet or any accessories in Filigrenasia or Unisilver
9. How about yourself? Buy a sexy lingerie and surprise him! :)
10. Shoes - Nike, Adidas, Sanuk, Tretorn, Shoe Salon and the likes!!! :)
11. Pillow so that he can remember you everytime he goes to sleep!

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