The Dancing Jellyfish and Fish Spa experience

Saturday, June 30, 2012
Hello everyone! My brother told me that I should try the Fish spa in the Oceanarium. It costs P150

The experience was so fun and it was so ticklish.

At first I did not like the feeling but as time goes by I loved it.

In the end, I have a renewed skin on my legs tnx to the piranha biters. Hahahaha. They are actually called Dr. Fish.

The dancing jellyfish amazed me. In all of the experience, except for the penguin show, this was amazing.

So magical.
beautiful in their own ways

Oceanarium is a great place to be. Next time I'll bring Liam if he is big enough to survive Manila.

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Farm girl went to Oceanarium and tried out the resto Makan-Makan

Friday, June 29, 2012
It's the second day of my Manila Trip and we went to Oceanarium. This is my second time going here.

My mom and my sister

Forever 21 Farm girl Look

Mango bag, forever 21 jumper and blouse

mama not in the mood

three sisters

with bro

order anyone?

So I ordered all the yummy things coz I said my kuya, ate and I will pay for it. But I did not look at the price. When we got the bill, it's a whooping P4500 for not that yummy food! Score: 7/10

We were so excited here because we still did not know the prices of the food. LOL

Makan-Makan at Oceanarium. All in all we still enjoyed our experience. Tomorrow I will post about the Dancing Jellyfish and Fish spa. Toodles!

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Quiet Time with Mama Part 1

Thursday, June 28, 2012
Hi everyone! We had some quiet time with my mama last June 1-3. I decided to post it in 3 parts! :) My sis and mom!

Haffyfrincessz in the house!

Our tourguides!


With mom!

Three peas in a pod


Our fave restaurant! Recipes!

The couple of the day!

Sexy legs

with my twin (miss her)

Oh happy days!

Can you tell that she's 52?

My sexy starbucks pose!

Hugging my mom coz we will not see each other for a year! Cherish every moments you have.


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DIY: Bling Up my Gadgets!

So I saw in Uyanguren, Davao cute pink rhinestones for P40 and thought of blinging up my gadgets!

Cute iphone pink case!

Unfinished abstract design for my digicam

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Not on my element

Wednesday, June 27, 2012
Experimenting outfit from Sweet Rouge Online

I know you can't wear this in Davao but I want to experiment while I'm young!

I find it cute and looks good to wear in first world countries. LOL

Tomorrow is Friday! I will be having an Encounter with God for 3 days! SO I can't blog! See you all on Monday! Toodles!

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