Photographer Mode

Friday, October 5, 2012
Hi Everyone! I am a very creative person. I just love doing creative stuff, make up, coloring, acting, singing, dancing, public speaking,..and PHOTOGRAPHY. Pictures keep me happy and sane. :) So imagine my scores in Math! LOL. I have a hard time on Math subjects. Anyway, I decided to take photography on a new level with no other than my friend/muse Cherry Maning.

I decided to have a fresh and vintage photo theme.

As much as I am a good photographer, Cherry also is very pleasing to the eyes and a very easy to work with model.

I told her to start her make up tutorial. So I helped her post her new tutorial. (Watch out for it.)

My fave shot of all!

Sexy without showing anything.

She can be your photographer too.

Life is so beautiful.

I'm looking at YOU, Happyprincessz!
The photographer.

Goth and Shadows.

Dusk and glare.

Friendship that's meant to be.

Hope you love it! :)


  1. Hi mommy, you have a nice blog. Inggit ako, you are very pretty...hehehe :-D

  2. Hahahahhaha mauna na ka besh... I love it hahaha.. You're so bilis. I love it. I love you besh, super .... :) hope our friendship lasts forever... :) happy ako youre my friend

  3. thanks besh.. labyou too.. enjoyed our moments together.. sharing of happiness, creativity and just pure friendship... mwah

  4. thanks mommy monica.. my blog ka pla... will check out ur blog :)

  5. tnx Kathreen, my friend Zarcon designs made it for me.. :)

  6. Those vignettes ruin the quality photos your high-end cam has to offer. Just saying.

  7. Thank you for the comment.. next time ill keep it more raw.