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Friday, September 30, 2011

the miracle worker! whitens dark under eye circles, armpits and conditions hair! My personal favorite! :) all natural and very affordable! Love it! :)

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Punong Restaurant Food Review At Panabo

we went to Punong Restaurant because we went to visit our business in Tagum and my husband told me that the food is yummy.

nothing fancy or yummy about their barbeque..

very yummy fish

will not forget about camwhoring

liam enjoying the crabs

yummy but I can make this one in my kitchen

very yummy buttered chicken. I forgot to take a pic on the chicken barbeque..not that yummy
very hungry

all in all we had fun. ambiance is great. food is quite common but taste good. we enjoyed it.

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Beauty: Eyelash extension experience at La Core

lovin my new eyelash extension! :)
Side view look :)

I had my eyelash extension at La Core Korean Parlor at Victoria Plaza Parking Lot :)

Its a very fast procedure but it has side effects.. it has a tingling feeling when you open your eyes :( costs P380 till sept 30 only :)

Very nice guy.. we made chikas about beauty. He is really good.
everytime I take a bath and water touches my eyes, there is still the tingling feeling because of the glue. Will I recommend this? uuumm yes! but not to be maintained every month because it might hurt our eyes.

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Razon's Halo Halo and Palabok review

Sunday, September 25, 2011
we went to Razon's at Damosa IT park to taste their famous halo halo and palabok.
with my mother in law and Liam, just woke up.

looks really yummy!


my ever loving hubby! Dont you just love it when you eat together with your loved ones? I love it because our love keeps getting stronger everyday! The verdict? super yummy! The halo halo has Latik, saging na saba, macapuno and leche flan! It costs around P70 pesos each. The palabok is so yummy too! But the quantity is so small for P70. Not worth it at all. Hope you've tried it too! Message me on what you think! ciao!

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Our first run together

smiling coz we didnt start our run!
our first journey together as runners. Will it be a hit or miss?
finished! It was so tiring! I was so so pressured! My hubby doesnt want to stop! But I cant do it on his own pace! So I decided to let him go ahead and enjoy his run while I was alone and enjoying my iphone songs! I was singing and enjoying my Party Rock anthem and Adam Levine's My Heart is a stereo!!! lol. I enjoyed it more when I was alone! Finished the 5k experience from Robinsons Grocery to BPI Lanang then back to Robinsons! :)
woohhooo!!! I enjoyed it so much! But I need to practice more on my stamina so that I could keep up with my hubby! :)

and then the happiest part! breakfast at Mcdonals!!! yeah baby! :)

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amateur make up set :)

Friday, September 23, 2011
 my famous red lipsticks. I gave na some of my red lipsticks :) eto nlng naiwan :)
 my coastal scents 88 eye shadows :) for exploring ng mga make up colors :)
 my awesome make up brushes. I bought this in manila trinoma :) P1200 only!
 eyelashes mode.. make sure you dont use it more than 3 times!
 my make up in a magulo mode :)

to my mother: ma, isa lng lips ko! ang rami mong binibigay! my mom buys lipstick when she is stressed, she also buys some for me! (how lucky am I?)
My orange set, it's either I mix them together or I use them one at a time!
my favorite, Blase Apricot of Revlon :)
from etude house :)
omg, my lipsticks! so many of them! I gave na some to my dearest friends. I guess they like to kiss me also! haha.. I love red, many shades of pink and orange! my favorite is the blase apricot of Revlon, with the green casing. Actually most of them was given by my ever supportive mom, and I'm incredibly happy!!! :) the last picture is from Etude House. It's my favorite, and people keep asking me what it is.. so okay! I will answer..no, I cant! because the package is in korean! lol! head on to your etude house and look for this shade nalng! lol..

Recently, I've been loving eyeshadows and eyeliners because it creates different looks for me. :) I love revlon so much!!! I wish they can give me free freebies for my advert! lol.. so have fun looking at my make up pictures! :)

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editing my boring skinny jeans

lovin my "new" pants. I have about 4 pairs of black skinny jeans, and I got bored with it! so, try to make a change! I designed it and made my ate rose tailor it! yeah baby! lovin it! inspired by harajaku fashion! :)

always remember, dress up for yourself!

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