Urinary Tract Infection anyone?

Monday, September 12, 2011

I constantly have reoccuring urinary tract infection. yes, and it's very common on women. I love eating salty food and sometimes I "pigil mode" my pee in public place. Also it is very likely to occur if we are sexually active. :) It gets me crazy every time I have it, it is so frustrating and I don't like it because it is so painful. What I do before is to take mefenamic acids and antibiotic. The last time I had it, I just finished my antibiotic, and there it goes, it happened again! Taking antibiotic is not good for the health and budget, so i tried this remedy I learned from our nursing course. Since it always reoccurs to me, I drink cranberry juice daily. I drink this everyday. I love this brand and I combine it with water because it is so purified. I haven't had UTI in about 4 months already :) I'm so happy. I hope it will help you girls too :)

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