My first time trying barbie like lens

Thursday, September 1, 2011
 I am really loving the looks of girls specially asians who wear 15mm contact lenses and it makes me wonder what will I look like? I have a big almond eyes so if I wear this lenses I will look like lady gaga in Bad!

But I'm loving my look. It makes me look different. I don't think it made me look more pretty, I think I look hotter! lol So here I am cam whoring with my new look. I bought my contact lens to Mika Ty. Look for her in my facebook or your facebook account :) I wore my contacts while doing a lot of errands but I did not made it in the house. I removed it while I was in the middle of doing my errands. It gave me a headache. I'm not comfortable. This is in the name of beauty.. lol. My eyes did not love it. But I'll try again, maybe because it's the first time. :)

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