Our first run together

Sunday, September 25, 2011
smiling coz we didnt start our run!
our first journey together as runners. Will it be a hit or miss?
finished! It was so tiring! I was so so pressured! My hubby doesnt want to stop! But I cant do it on his own pace! So I decided to let him go ahead and enjoy his run while I was alone and enjoying my iphone songs! I was singing and enjoying my Party Rock anthem and Adam Levine's My Heart is a stereo!!! lol. I enjoyed it more when I was alone! Finished the 5k experience from Robinsons Grocery to BPI Lanang then back to Robinsons! :)
woohhooo!!! I enjoyed it so much! But I need to practice more on my stamina so that I could keep up with my hubby! :)

and then the happiest part! breakfast at Mcdonals!!! yeah baby! :)

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