2nd Day: Britannia Island Hopping

Tuesday, July 31, 2012
Casa de Babano. P900 overnight stay Matrimonial. Airconditioned, with CR. Good accomodation. Near a buffet restau and bars. In the middle of the city.

The Tv and cabinets. lol

On our way to a beautiful place

With my loverboy!

Very beautiful island with big waves

going home
just waiting for everyone!

another vain pic

we just woke up here! Enjoyed the free brekky from the pension house
The 'pwede na' cr. That's about it. All in all the experience was 7/10. The places were very far from each other. You need to have a car on the adventure. The downside of the journey is that I had skin allergies all over my body. Specially to my face. Drinking Antihistamine now. Just enjoy the adventure guys. Try it! But I don't greatly suggest it! :)

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Journey to Enchanted River and Tinuy-an Falls

My companions for the weekend

Arrived at E. River. Very beautiful water but small place.

The river was so amazing specially if you see deeply into it.

Then we went to a small cottage with restaurant. We decided to stay there for the night but it was scary so we went back to the city (Mangagoy)

It's like a house made of wood and kawayan only. What if there will be a storm and we will all be dead. lol

After we put all our bags in the Pension House we went to Tinuy-an Falls. It was magnificent!


New adventures makes your relationship even stronger. Part 2 will be up next! :)

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GMA Trip ni Bai with Cherry and Farah: Zorbing Adventure Video

Friday, July 27, 2012

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Hollywood Burgers and Dark Knight Review

Thursday, July 26, 2012
Been very sick and busy but still watched movie with hubby boz coz we had so many things going on for 2 weeks and we barely had some alone time. Tried Hollywood burgers last night. It was so yummy, and good price. Very affordable. But I still love Army Navv's burger more.

Fries was only P65 and so big and so many! Yummy! We ordered sour cream and cheese!

Cute Chairs!

With friends!

Add caption

no make up yo!
Got so many good reviews on the movie I was so excited. It's really true when they said too much expectations is not good. I was quite disappointed coz it has some boring scenes. 8/10 for the movie. Anne Hathaway my idol was so good and sexy. The Batman is so Pogi and sexy too! :)

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26th Birthday!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Hey guys! Will promise to post beauty blog next week! Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm glad to review and reflect myself on what I had accomplished since then. I am a young mom and I have made my own mistakes. Since last year I really gave my 200% on taking care of my kid and I am proud of that. Not that I did not give all my efforts from the first few years, but that time I was thinking on looking for a job or standing by my hubby and supporting him on his business. Anyway, I was browsing through my New Year's wishes,

Things to look forward to this 2012:
1. Gain more friends.
2. Vacation in Hongkong, Manila, Malaysia? 
3. Our most awaited church wedding this June.
4. Honeymoon in Boracay or Palawan
5. More beauty blogs to help and inspire women.
6. More business ventures
7. To be able to pay all my bills.
8. Have time with my sis, bro, mom 
9. Liam finishes his playschool. He will be in Nursery soon. (Time flies so fast)

I am happy that in the middle of the year, I already accomplished everything! It's really good to write a list so that you can have a goal.

I am really happy now, although I am struggling on my new business, I am just glad that I am happy and I have my family and friends to support me.

The Power of positive thinking is also very important. Good things happen.

Also being closer to God is one of the biggest key to happiness and fulfillment.

Thank you for another year Lord. Love you. Hope you hear me. Happy 26th to me! :)


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Budget Barbie PH owner

Sunday, July 15, 2012
Hey Guys! Sorry for being invi last week. I was so busy with my new business! The Budget Barbie PH! Please like it  on Facebook!

I was so busy this day because i went to school for my bebe boy for their nutrition program and I'm in the middle of working on my biz! But still I look fashionable but no lipstick! LOL. Please drop by or support me on my store. Go to my fb for more details! Thank You!  https://www.facebook.com/BudgetBarbiePh


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Army Navy and Amazing Spiderman Review!

Sunday, July 8, 2012
Saturday night is our date night! Went to eat at Army navy.

pose 1

my pose

married couple!

I love my Japanese Mod inspired outfit!
Let's start with fries! So it tasted like KFC but thinner and expensive. No way will I order this again. LOL

The dips. yuck.

The burger. The yummiest burger I tasted. So yummmmyyyy!

Juicy and hot. Best served hot baby!
The Burrito: it's like Leylams Shawarma but it has a rice on it (hello fatty) and more expensive. So I did not liked it.
The price is average.
So we went to watch Spiderman and I freaking lovvveeddd it. If you are a fan of Toby Maguire and Kirsten Dunst take on SM, which I was, (I even wanted to name my daughter Mary Jane at some point) you will surely love this one! It gave the legendary hero more like a heartwarming movie! I just hate the part that his uncle died! Gosh I cried! And the time that Gwen Stacy went to his house when he did not come to a funeral (spoiler) lol it was so cute.The movie was really different. What i did not like about the movie was that he was more egotistic on showing his face, SM is supposed to be mysterious! Emma Stone so cute! But all in all it was freakin adorbs and entertaining! 10/10!

3D! :)

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