2nd Day: Britannia Island Hopping

Tuesday, July 31, 2012
Casa de Babano. P900 overnight stay Matrimonial. Airconditioned, with CR. Good accomodation. Near a buffet restau and bars. In the middle of the city.

The Tv and cabinets. lol

On our way to a beautiful place

With my loverboy!

Very beautiful island with big waves

going home
just waiting for everyone!

another vain pic

we just woke up here! Enjoyed the free brekky from the pension house
The 'pwede na' cr. That's about it. All in all the experience was 7/10. The places were very far from each other. You need to have a car on the adventure. The downside of the journey is that I had skin allergies all over my body. Specially to my face. Drinking Antihistamine now. Just enjoy the adventure guys. Try it! But I don't greatly suggest it! :)

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  1. Woooow! the beach was really beautiful and sooo blue the sea! it was really nice place to hang out around with the one one. hehe:)