Army Navy and Amazing Spiderman Review!

Sunday, July 8, 2012
Saturday night is our date night! Went to eat at Army navy.

pose 1

my pose

married couple!

I love my Japanese Mod inspired outfit!
Let's start with fries! So it tasted like KFC but thinner and expensive. No way will I order this again. LOL

The dips. yuck.

The burger. The yummiest burger I tasted. So yummmmyyyy!

Juicy and hot. Best served hot baby!
The Burrito: it's like Leylams Shawarma but it has a rice on it (hello fatty) and more expensive. So I did not liked it.
The price is average.
So we went to watch Spiderman and I freaking lovvveeddd it. If you are a fan of Toby Maguire and Kirsten Dunst take on SM, which I was, (I even wanted to name my daughter Mary Jane at some point) you will surely love this one! It gave the legendary hero more like a heartwarming movie! I just hate the part that his uncle died! Gosh I cried! And the time that Gwen Stacy went to his house when he did not come to a funeral (spoiler) lol it was so cute.The movie was really different. What i did not like about the movie was that he was more egotistic on showing his face, SM is supposed to be mysterious! Emma Stone so cute! But all in all it was freakin adorbs and entertaining! 10/10!

3D! :)

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