My Top 3 Favorite Iphone Photo Editors

Friday, July 6, 2012
If you love taking pictures and editing it to make it more beautiful and post worthy then stay tuned. LOL. I love my Iphone. I only have the iphone 3gs coz I have already a samsung tab and digicam, and DSLR so no need to upgrade my iphone. It also is much more thinner than the upgraded one. I just love free stuff on Itunes. My first photoeditor favorite is the one with the chinese sign and red box.  It's free and super worth it. It has 3 sets of photo editing.

This is the first set. i think you can choose around 12 kinds.. So fun! The first set is my fave!
Here is the second set, you can also choose I think 12.. kinds of photoediting but the second set is more vintage like.

The third one is more on bubbles, lightings and sunlight!
Tadddaaaa the colored bubbles!
The second photo editor is the PHOTOWONDER!

You can choose from Classic, Scene and Art! I llloovvveeee iiittt and it's free. Instagram is so boring! It has also Scene and Art sets.

The third one is The Camera 360. Although you take a picture then edit rule, I tried it and gueesss whhhaaatttt??? So many kinds of editing! Just look at the picture!
Just a simple edit to cover the pimple from my forehead. LOL Hope it helped you.. No more instagram to crop your pictures! Happy Saturday!

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