Hollywood Burgers and Dark Knight Review

Thursday, July 26, 2012
Been very sick and busy but still watched movie with hubby boz coz we had so many things going on for 2 weeks and we barely had some alone time. Tried Hollywood burgers last night. It was so yummy, and good price. Very affordable. But I still love Army Navv's burger more.

Fries was only P65 and so big and so many! Yummy! We ordered sour cream and cheese!

Cute Chairs!

With friends!

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no make up yo!
Got so many good reviews on the movie I was so excited. It's really true when they said too much expectations is not good. I was quite disappointed coz it has some boring scenes. 8/10 for the movie. Anne Hathaway my idol was so good and sexy. The Batman is so Pogi and sexy too! :)

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