Budget Barbie PH owner

Sunday, July 15, 2012
Hey Guys! Sorry for being invi last week. I was so busy with my new business! The Budget Barbie PH! Please like it  on Facebook!

I was so busy this day because i went to school for my bebe boy for their nutrition program and I'm in the middle of working on my biz! But still I look fashionable but no lipstick! LOL. Please drop by or support me on my store. Go to my fb for more details! Thank You!  https://www.facebook.com/BudgetBarbiePh


  1. you look gorgeous!!. really adorable you outfit n favorite you outfit! :) lok the color you match it all. the detail was great. oh, u been start you own business? as i read you few post talk about you new business. well. i hope you new business will bring more success and gambateh!:)

  2. thank you alice! Also wish you success in whatever your career will be.. Godbless!