How I got rid of my Pimples

Tuesday, April 30, 2013
Hey readers! It's been awhile once again. Blogging is supposed to be my first love. But now, I am more into handling my business and bonding with my son, hubby and my sister. I am very much focused and determined now that my son is getting bigger. Me and my love are trying to have baby number two also. My life is so much peaceful now. Lately I had been wishing for simple things. Like a nice sleep, a good vacation. New renovation for our house (where I grew up), I also want to expand my Budget Barbie Ph, new recipes for my Chicken Central Foodhouse and new projects for my salon...

Anyway amidst all that, I had a recent problem with my face. I had a lot of whiteheads on my forehead. Pimples keep popping out on my face. It's because my hormones went crazy when I stopped taking pills. It was not that bad but there are many whiteheads that needs to be pricked. When my sister got home from Jeddah she told me that I need to visit the dermatologist asap so that I can prevent anything worst that might happen.

Before that I tried Beache International, and it made gave me much more whiteheads gosh! What a waste of money. Then I tried Rogines peeling cream and nothing happened. 

The last time that I got pimples was 3rd year high school, and St. Ives Medicated scrub helped me very well. I tried it also but it did not help.

Then my sister told me to try Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil Line. But then it made my skin worst, 2 or more pimples keep popping in my face. Grrrr.

So for the last time, I decided to visit a dermatologist, I heard lots of good news towards Mediskin and it is quite near in my store in Victoria Plaza.

So they suggested I will go through Acne Surgery for faster results. After the surgery my face was super red and swollen. I did not get out of the house for 3 days... the dermatologist told me to comeback for another acne surgery for the last time.  I came back 3 days later than the said week. I had less whiteheads that time.

After the second acne surgery, I have a clearer skin. Hooray I got my clear skin back! :)
No pimples! Just small pimplemarks that will clear soon thanks to Keralyt Peeling.

I am still continuing the set that they gave me... and that is...

Mediskin Hypollargenic Soap
Claryfying Astringent
Sunscreen Gel every morning

I am so so happy with the results. I'm glad I went to Mediskin.

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Hooray for My Thrifted Denim Jacket

Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Hi everyone! Here is a sexy dress I borrowed from my sister. It's from Forever 21.
 Can you imagine that I got this classic jacket for only P120. Hooray for being an Ukay Ukay Queen!

 With my son... it's summer and we love being together forever. We are always spending a lot of time with each other coz life is all about family!
Thanks sis for letting me borrow the dress. My hubby will love this outfit for sure. LOL (feeling sexy)

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Bluer than Blue.. Sadder than sad...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013
 Hey readers! I love the song from Regine Velasquez..."and I'm bluer than blue, sadder than sad, your the only life this empty room has never had.. life without you is gonna be, bluer than blue...."
I just can't imagine my life without my family. They are the reason why I am in this world. I am God's instrument to help them, be with them or inspire them. I love my family!

 But definitely I'm not blue. I just love royal blue color. I love how the color brightens my skin.
Blazer - Budget Barbie Ph
Corset Blouse - Forever 21
Shorts - Gaisano South Mall

I hope you love the look! :)

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7 years and a super busy life

Saturday, April 20, 2013

 Hey readers! Yesterday, me and my hubby celebrated our 7th year of being a couple. It's been a long long time and a super duper fun ride for us. We had been through some ups and downs. But we came out stronger and our love is so much deeper.

As usual we ate at KFC because when we are still in college, we always eat at KFC every Saturday, religiously. hehehe. When we fight, he gives me KFC bucket meal and I will forgive him. That's how babaw I am. hehehehe.

Anyway, Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I am sssssssssssssoooo busy. Been hitting the gym 5 times a week and I admit I am always tired after that and I am always in my gym clothes. After that, I still have to take Laim to summer school - Karate lessons at Zoofari. Then I have to manage my salon, my clothing store my food business. Then I have to help my hubby in his other business, I also started Damosa Bazaar every Friday and Saturday with my sister as my business partner. Lastly, I have to be a good cook, the best wife and mother. I really miss my mom. I hope I can talk to her soon. 
But I can't get negative vibes because I know everything's a blessing. God's blessing and I am so grateful. I just have to post some outfit posts soon! 

Happy Sunday!

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Beach Bum

Thursday, April 18, 2013

hey guys! I'm sharing some pics from our beach escapade last Tuesday. My son loves to go to the beach so much. I decided to embrace it and not worry about my skin. Before, I don't want to look tan because I love my fair skin. But being a mom changes that. How can I not be with my family just because of Vanity?
My companions for the day, Lala and her bf Pedro.

my son so excited!

heaven on earth, I'm so happy when I'm with them. I also wish my mom was here with me.


with Rachel.. :)

My face full of sunblock.. :) I don't want brown pigemntations on my face. I am on medication. Will blog about it soon.

Happy family forever

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Pedro's birthday at Park Inn Radisson Hotel Davao

Monday, April 15, 2013
 Hi everyone! I'm sharing some pictures from Saturday.. we had a blast preparing a surprise party for Lala's BF, Pedro.
 Meet Lala! We met last year, and we really had a spark! Lol. We got along so well. When she visits Davao, we really try to see each other. She's an international flight attendant.
 I love her coz she's so humble, gorgeous and very maalaga.
 This is the comfort room of the new hotel beside Sm Lanang. Standard room costs P4,200
 Picture taking while waiting for Pedro
 We bought everything in SM Lanang. Pedro has no idea that he will have a surprise party. My hubby Eric told him that he wants his company to buy a gym equipment. 

While they are at Sm, I "called Eric" because I have a package from a friend who was in Park Inn. He has to get it for me coz me and Lala are supposedly having our mani-pedi. hehehe. Lala and I was so happy that Pedro accompanied Pedro at the hotel.
 After the surprise pic
 epic surprise pic of Pedro
 Vain Pic! I love my earrings from my sis

 sexy Lala
 Pool Time!

 Fun fun fun

 Dinner at Yellow Fin... Pedro's Family owns the restaurant. They have 3 branches now. Torres, Ecoland and Lanang. Please do visit.

It was a tiring but fun time with  friends.


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