Live like your in a Movie

Thursday, April 11, 2013
 Sometimes we get so busy with our daily lives and yet we forget that Life is really short and we have to just chill for a time.
I had been a blogger for more than a year now, and I really do love it, I get to express my feelings and to explore my creativity on wearing beautiful clothes. Sometimes with so many bloggers its hard for you to find your niche from everyone. It's a very competetive jungle for bloggers. But for me, it's just my little world, and I'm not into being the best,or famous fashion/mommy blogger, because believe me, I can't afford it. But what I want is to transform my outfit like I'm in different decade or like my pictures are taken from a movie.

Today, I want to look like a desperate housewife going to a party and drink wine. I want to look outdoorsy and I wanted to wear my new red hat. :)

But truthfully, these Jumpsuits are for sale from my store: Budget Barbie Ph for only P400

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