7 years and a super busy life

Saturday, April 20, 2013

 Hey readers! Yesterday, me and my hubby celebrated our 7th year of being a couple. It's been a long long time and a super duper fun ride for us. We had been through some ups and downs. But we came out stronger and our love is so much deeper.

As usual we ate at KFC because when we are still in college, we always eat at KFC every Saturday, religiously. hehehe. When we fight, he gives me KFC bucket meal and I will forgive him. That's how babaw I am. hehehehe.

Anyway, Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I am sssssssssssssoooo busy. Been hitting the gym 5 times a week and I admit I am always tired after that and I am always in my gym clothes. After that, I still have to take Laim to summer school - Karate lessons at Zoofari. Then I have to manage my salon, my clothing store my food business. Then I have to help my hubby in his other business, I also started Damosa Bazaar every Friday and Saturday with my sister as my business partner. Lastly, I have to be a good cook, the best wife and mother. I really miss my mom. I hope I can talk to her soon. 
But I can't get negative vibes because I know everything's a blessing. God's blessing and I am so grateful. I just have to post some outfit posts soon! 

Happy Sunday!

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