Nicole Richie Inspired Look

Saturday, July 27, 2013

 Hey everyone! Do you know that Nicole has a new show on youtube? Just type #candidly nicole and I'm sure you're gonna love it! I looovvveeee her and her antics! I really love the episode when she rocked as a back up dancer. It was soo ridiculously funny! :)
Anyway, I already had this polo in my cabinet, inspired by Zara. But when I saw her episode I got so excited to wear this look! I was so busy going to the gym and now when I had a time to go out to celebrate my bday with my sister, I can finally nail the look! 
 Here is my look
Shades: Forever 21
Polo: from my friends online store: triple S collection
Shoes: C and K

 We had dinner with my hubby, Liam, sis and her hubby! I just wanna tell you guys that I'm going to be an aunt soon! :) I'm so happy for her. :) I hope it's a boy so Liam will have a playmate :)
Here is Liam with his OA smile. haha
Here is Nicole Richie on the ear piercing episode! I love love love her! :)

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OMG wtf Dexter my Favorite Show

Thursday, July 25, 2013
Quite surprised with what happened on Dexter. Debra tried to kill him then saved him after. It is one of the best scenes ever. So thrilling...Definitely a very nice last season of my favorite show. I love it so much. I will miss him. 
Everything is sooo awesome.

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Summertime Sadness in Palawan

Just got home. So happy I'm back. Though I had a very special time with my hubby and son in Palawan, I am happy and contented to be back here. I belong in Davao. 

Here are some pics that I got while in Palawan. Indeed it's a very nice place to relax and live.

Will post a super duper informative post soon for readers who also want to travel there. :)
Right now, I have to work and pick up all that I had left before the vacation.

Why Summertime Sadness? 'Coz my hubby and I love this new song from Lana del Rey. It is really my fave of the year. :) 

Happy Thursday!

May your dreams come true! 

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Trying out bikinis

Friday, July 19, 2013
So tomorrow is my trip with my hubby and son. Trying out bikinis... Yay vs. Nyay?
Excuse me for the black and white. My face is not ready. I just woke up from a not so happy sleep. No comb and I haven't washed my face yet. But I'm proud of my bikini body. Yay! I have my hubby all to myself! hahahaha. 

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The Kid in Me

Thursday, July 18, 2013
 Finally got the time to post an outfit post in my blog, coz I got my sis to take pictures. Been so tired from my fitness challenge and I had no mood on dressing up.

As they say, first love never dies. Fashion is calling me again. Even though not everyone in Davao can absolutely dress up all the time, atleast now, we have Forever 21. haha 

So excited for our trip. All my outfits are ready. Time to rest for awhile and have fun. Life is a beach. love love love

Top - F21
Jumper - F21

follow me on instagram:farahbudgetbarbieph


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How to stop Craving Bad food

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I am a sucker for yummy food. It is so liberating to eat the food that you wanna eat. From my favorite french fries, fried chicken, sisig, spaghetti, chinese food etc, etc.. Then dessert! Yummy Ice cream and cakes! Gosh!

In a family you will always get together with food. Everybody likes food. But if we love our body then we have to change our lifestyle.

Now I tricked my mind on loving fruits and veggies and now I stopped craving junk food and other unhealthy food. Took me about two weeks to stop craving it.

I am not a nutritionist but I only state facts that are effective to me and I just want to inspire people and be with my fitness journey. I am still 50% on my fitness goal, my body is not perfect.
Everybody has a different style and metabolism and it is important that you yourself know your body.

 I still have to tighten my lower abs and a need to have a great ass. I don't know if I can do it but I hope so and I want to continue doing this. Hope you will too! :)

With all the social apps around, everything is right under your fingertips. So be curious, be inspired and work out! Move your ass.

Here are some tips to stop craving bad food.

1. Don't confuse hunger for thirst. So drink lots and lots of water. Invest in a cute water container if you have too! :)

2. On Grocery Shopping: Go to the fresh foods area. Invest in fruits and veggies. Write things down. You don't want to buy food that you don't need. So make sure you write things down so you will not be tempted.

3. Buy multivitamins. Your body will always need the nutrients that they want to get everyday. So when you lessen your calories then make sure to drink your vitamins.

4.Always keep a healthy food in your bag. So when your hungry you can eat something that can make you fulfill the hunger for awhile then when you can eat your healthy food you will not look like an animal eating like there's no tomorrow. (true story for me)

5. Motivation. Keep a food and exercise journal. I am not a fan of this because I usually don't write a food and exercise journal. I tried it but I always forget.
But most important is motivation. Everything is all in the mind. When you think you will stop then you will stop. If you want to fight for what you want then you continue. If you want to reach success then you work hard. If you want to have a positive life then you will have a positive life too.

May your Dreams come true 

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How I lost weight in 1 month!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hi everyone! Guess what? I lost weight! That's because of my motivation. On my last post, I told you that I gained weight due to stress in my career, aka business. Sometimes I forget that I have to eat and I get so hungry, when its time to eat, I usually want eat fast, so I buy in fastfood, or something really yummy to curb my hunger. I also did not exercise due to super duper hectic schedule. Also, there are too many dinner out with my hubby and friends that made me gain about 8 lbs. Imagine! 

Booking a trip to Palawan made me realize that I need to lose some weight because I want to wear my swimsuit without being shy. I know I am quite the vain type of person but to be honest, I do really care about my body and I want to look good. I want to be fit.  I want to be back on track. 

So it was about June 2 when I decided to go with the challenge. When I am so determined I know I will be really inspired and motivated. That's because I love to be the best I can be.

So I just want to share with you guys the things I did to have faster results. Believe me its very very hard. Sometimes when I'm exercising, I want to cry because it is so painful and tiring.

- First thing I did was to stop eating fast food. I literally did not go to  KFC, Mcdonalds and Jollibee. Even though I can see myself eating there soon.. but I can see myself having a cheat day at least once a week.

- No candies, chocolates and of course no Pringles. I was eating Pringles twice a week. My hubby and I always have movie dates in the house twice a week and he always gives me my favorite Pringles because he loves me. I told him to stop doing it. 

- No cakes, ice cream or any kind of high calorie dessert.

- I am now on the 'clean eating strategy' Fruits, veggies, a little bit of rice that's what I'm eating right now specially to curb hunger. I know it is hard from the beginning but what do you want to eat delicious or look delicious?

- Drinking a lot of water. 1 gallon of water so I will not feel hungry.

- I eat five times a day. Small meals baby.

 Here is a sample of my lunch. Two kinds of veggies and yummy breaded porkchop. I love protein so much! But I decided to say goodbye for fried chicken for a while. That's because I see my chicken business everyday and it makes me puke. LOL. With my very own food business, I can eat veggies now. :) We sell veggies for only P15 very afforable and so yummy.. :)

My forever secret. High fiber oatmeal. I always buy the oatmeal with milk one. :)

I also make my own soup now. Google is your friend for recipes.. :) I have my own siomai business also so I can have wholesale prices for siomai. Unlimited siomai for me and hubby.
 And now for exercise.. five times a week for 2-3 hours. A combination of  treadmill, spinning and dancing.
I also love my Nutribar. It is so yummy and 140 calories only. For in between gym sessions.
I love skyflakes onion and chives... :)
So there you go my fitness story. Join me on my fitness journey. Now I lost a total of 8 lbs. But I want to gain muscle or be more lean. I need an upgrade.. :)

If you want some motivation or inspiration.. check out my instagram: farahbudgetbarbieph

So there's no diet pills or anything magical. It's pure hardwork! If you have questions email me or message me on my facebook account.. :)

May Your dreams come true

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One Year and Counting!!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013
 Hi everyone! Just want to update you guys with my life! Been quite busy in my personal and business life. My lola got sick and I took care of her. I also am working my ass off to bring back my sexy body!
Some of you have noticed, I gained weight due to stress on my business. It's very very hard on my first year. I started 3 businesess in 6 months! But I guess when it is your passion you really want to work and put your heart into it.

I am really quite a vain person but I am very very practical woman. That's why I opened up Budget Barbie. Now it's my first year anniversary this July 15! How fast time flies when your having fun. My first love will always be clothes, clothes and more clothes! Second will be my salon and next will be the food business which me and my hubby really focusing on right now. Let me tell you that we also opened a refreshment business in front of my Chicken Central. Halo-Halo, Shake and Mais Con Yelo! It's quite successful. I'm loving it! :)
I am so excited on celebrating my birthday. I really love to travel a lot, it's the only thing that can make you more richer. You learn different cultures and you will be exposed with super fun adventure.

So for my birthday, me, my hubby and my little prince will celebrate it in Palawan. Of course because the 3 of us love the beach.

Now it's the middle of the year. Time is really gold for me. I read Robert Kiyosaki's book. Since then I am never the same. As much as I want to travel and buy all the things that I want, I now focus on my priorities like building my empire. LOL. Just acquiring important  properties. I had my eye now on a very good property and I hope that me and hubby can buy it. Me and my mom also paying a property in Manila. Hope we could also finish that. "fingers crossed"

Right now, I can see some people putting all their cash flow out, to travel the world, to buy a very expensive bag or shoes.. etc.. etc.. and all I think about is.. naaaahhh there will be that perfect time for me. What's more important is to focus on the prize and that is to follow Robert Kiyosaki's footsteps. If you want to be financially independent, just read his book, and I promise you, you will really learn and you will be more financially literate. Next blog will be all about finance again. Always remember.. "Keep your eyes on the prize... don't let go of it.."

May your dreams come true

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Are you a Desperate Housewives Fan?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013
Hey Guys!!!

Do you miss Desperate Housewives? I definitely do! 

Also Sex and the City and Gossip Girl! But then I have to move on and look for new shows to keep me sane on my unforgivable schedule!

So for Gossip Girl, I already said that Hart of Dixie is also good, although its not in The Upper East Side, its in Alabama. But you better try to watch the show. First might not like it, but give it a try it's so heartwarming. Wade and Dr. Hart has omg chemistry.

Okay so wanna introduce you to my new favorite show that I can relate to Desperate Housewives.
Alyssa Milano is on it... do you remember her? Phoebe on Charmed! I super love that show! 

Do you know that my entire younger years I definitely wish to be a witch. A good one of course like Phoebe! But I would love to have Piper's power! LOL

Anyway, enough of that, the new show is The Mistresses.

Mistresses is an American drama series based on the 2008–10 British series of the same name about the lives of four female friends and their involvement in an array of illicit and complex relationships. This adaptation was created by K.J. Steinberg. The series was originally set to premiere on May 27, 2013.[1] However, ABC announced that Mistresses would premiere on June 3, 2013. -Wikipedia

Hope you will love the show! :)


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