How I lost weight in 1 month!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hi everyone! Guess what? I lost weight! That's because of my motivation. On my last post, I told you that I gained weight due to stress in my career, aka business. Sometimes I forget that I have to eat and I get so hungry, when its time to eat, I usually want eat fast, so I buy in fastfood, or something really yummy to curb my hunger. I also did not exercise due to super duper hectic schedule. Also, there are too many dinner out with my hubby and friends that made me gain about 8 lbs. Imagine! 

Booking a trip to Palawan made me realize that I need to lose some weight because I want to wear my swimsuit without being shy. I know I am quite the vain type of person but to be honest, I do really care about my body and I want to look good. I want to be fit.  I want to be back on track. 

So it was about June 2 when I decided to go with the challenge. When I am so determined I know I will be really inspired and motivated. That's because I love to be the best I can be.

So I just want to share with you guys the things I did to have faster results. Believe me its very very hard. Sometimes when I'm exercising, I want to cry because it is so painful and tiring.

- First thing I did was to stop eating fast food. I literally did not go to  KFC, Mcdonalds and Jollibee. Even though I can see myself eating there soon.. but I can see myself having a cheat day at least once a week.

- No candies, chocolates and of course no Pringles. I was eating Pringles twice a week. My hubby and I always have movie dates in the house twice a week and he always gives me my favorite Pringles because he loves me. I told him to stop doing it. 

- No cakes, ice cream or any kind of high calorie dessert.

- I am now on the 'clean eating strategy' Fruits, veggies, a little bit of rice that's what I'm eating right now specially to curb hunger. I know it is hard from the beginning but what do you want to eat delicious or look delicious?

- Drinking a lot of water. 1 gallon of water so I will not feel hungry.

- I eat five times a day. Small meals baby.

 Here is a sample of my lunch. Two kinds of veggies and yummy breaded porkchop. I love protein so much! But I decided to say goodbye for fried chicken for a while. That's because I see my chicken business everyday and it makes me puke. LOL. With my very own food business, I can eat veggies now. :) We sell veggies for only P15 very afforable and so yummy.. :)

My forever secret. High fiber oatmeal. I always buy the oatmeal with milk one. :)

I also make my own soup now. Google is your friend for recipes.. :) I have my own siomai business also so I can have wholesale prices for siomai. Unlimited siomai for me and hubby.
 And now for exercise.. five times a week for 2-3 hours. A combination of  treadmill, spinning and dancing.
I also love my Nutribar. It is so yummy and 140 calories only. For in between gym sessions.
I love skyflakes onion and chives... :)
So there you go my fitness story. Join me on my fitness journey. Now I lost a total of 8 lbs. But I want to gain muscle or be more lean. I need an upgrade.. :)

If you want some motivation or inspiration.. check out my instagram: farahbudgetbarbieph

So there's no diet pills or anything magical. It's pure hardwork! If you have questions email me or message me on my facebook account.. :)

May Your dreams come true

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