How to stop Craving Bad food

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I am a sucker for yummy food. It is so liberating to eat the food that you wanna eat. From my favorite french fries, fried chicken, sisig, spaghetti, chinese food etc, etc.. Then dessert! Yummy Ice cream and cakes! Gosh!

In a family you will always get together with food. Everybody likes food. But if we love our body then we have to change our lifestyle.

Now I tricked my mind on loving fruits and veggies and now I stopped craving junk food and other unhealthy food. Took me about two weeks to stop craving it.

I am not a nutritionist but I only state facts that are effective to me and I just want to inspire people and be with my fitness journey. I am still 50% on my fitness goal, my body is not perfect.
Everybody has a different style and metabolism and it is important that you yourself know your body.

 I still have to tighten my lower abs and a need to have a great ass. I don't know if I can do it but I hope so and I want to continue doing this. Hope you will too! :)

With all the social apps around, everything is right under your fingertips. So be curious, be inspired and work out! Move your ass.

Here are some tips to stop craving bad food.

1. Don't confuse hunger for thirst. So drink lots and lots of water. Invest in a cute water container if you have too! :)

2. On Grocery Shopping: Go to the fresh foods area. Invest in fruits and veggies. Write things down. You don't want to buy food that you don't need. So make sure you write things down so you will not be tempted.

3. Buy multivitamins. Your body will always need the nutrients that they want to get everyday. So when you lessen your calories then make sure to drink your vitamins.

4.Always keep a healthy food in your bag. So when your hungry you can eat something that can make you fulfill the hunger for awhile then when you can eat your healthy food you will not look like an animal eating like there's no tomorrow. (true story for me)

5. Motivation. Keep a food and exercise journal. I am not a fan of this because I usually don't write a food and exercise journal. I tried it but I always forget.
But most important is motivation. Everything is all in the mind. When you think you will stop then you will stop. If you want to fight for what you want then you continue. If you want to reach success then you work hard. If you want to have a positive life then you will have a positive life too.

May your Dreams come true 

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