One Year and Counting!!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013
 Hi everyone! Just want to update you guys with my life! Been quite busy in my personal and business life. My lola got sick and I took care of her. I also am working my ass off to bring back my sexy body!
Some of you have noticed, I gained weight due to stress on my business. It's very very hard on my first year. I started 3 businesess in 6 months! But I guess when it is your passion you really want to work and put your heart into it.

I am really quite a vain person but I am very very practical woman. That's why I opened up Budget Barbie. Now it's my first year anniversary this July 15! How fast time flies when your having fun. My first love will always be clothes, clothes and more clothes! Second will be my salon and next will be the food business which me and my hubby really focusing on right now. Let me tell you that we also opened a refreshment business in front of my Chicken Central. Halo-Halo, Shake and Mais Con Yelo! It's quite successful. I'm loving it! :)
I am so excited on celebrating my birthday. I really love to travel a lot, it's the only thing that can make you more richer. You learn different cultures and you will be exposed with super fun adventure.

So for my birthday, me, my hubby and my little prince will celebrate it in Palawan. Of course because the 3 of us love the beach.

Now it's the middle of the year. Time is really gold for me. I read Robert Kiyosaki's book. Since then I am never the same. As much as I want to travel and buy all the things that I want, I now focus on my priorities like building my empire. LOL. Just acquiring important  properties. I had my eye now on a very good property and I hope that me and hubby can buy it. Me and my mom also paying a property in Manila. Hope we could also finish that. "fingers crossed"

Right now, I can see some people putting all their cash flow out, to travel the world, to buy a very expensive bag or shoes.. etc.. etc.. and all I think about is.. naaaahhh there will be that perfect time for me. What's more important is to focus on the prize and that is to follow Robert Kiyosaki's footsteps. If you want to be financially independent, just read his book, and I promise you, you will really learn and you will be more financially literate. Next blog will be all about finance again. Always remember.. "Keep your eyes on the prize... don't let go of it.."

May your dreams come true

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