Nicole Richie on Fashion Star

Friday, March 30, 2012
Nicole Richie has effortlessly boho look

We have the same taste for the love of anything yellow. I think yellow makes anyone pretty.

very pretty headpiece

I love Nicole Richie's style, and make up. I dunno if I can pull off her looks but she definitely has her own style and she looks good on it. I also love her current show, Fashion Star with Jessica Simpson. I also love her by the way..She's now a billionaire because of her fashion brand. Check out her website,, Good brand baby.

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Sam Pinto Inspired Eyebrows

Wednesday, March 28, 2012
First Pic is Sam and 2nd pic is me!
I love her brows!

So I asked her on Twitter and she said she's using Smashbox. You can buy it at Abreeza Mall, Beauty Bar.
But here's what I used.. a Light ash blonde pencil I bought in Hongkong. I really need this color because I have intense black eyebrows. You can also use Prestige eyebrow pencil in Blonde at Beauty Bar, Abreeza Mall, I also have that.
To make it more blonde, I put on Etude House lightest eyebrow mascara. I know it's not that perfect but atleast I'm satisfied. Hope you like it girls. :)

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Maitre Chocolatier Review and Bonding with my pretty mommy friend Jorcie

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Me and my friend went to Chocolatier at Abreeza Mall to fascinate our sweet talk and to have some girl talk.

Talking about being a mommy, beauty and business.

I'm sorry for the poor looking pics.. i dunno what happened to the website and I try to post a blog everyday, and I don't want to download another pic, it made me repost pics 3 times and now, I give up. LOL

yummy chocolate dip with some fruits

The pizza with chocolates.. it is yummy and heavy for my stomach at the same time.It made me feel full after 2 slices.

You might think that it is very expensive there but all in all the price of the pizza and choclates and fruit dip was only P570 pesos, I was so full and we did not order drinks because the chocolate dip was so sweet.. the ambiance was super duper nice.. My score for the restaurant would be 9/10.

Me and Jorcie before the brownout and the rain.


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DIY: Turning my boring cardigan to a fierce all-around jackeT

Monday, March 26, 2012
Boring jacket! I bought this jacket 3 yrs. ago when I still worked in Petron Corporation, the brand is Ensembles. Now, it's so boring so I decided to make it nice!
I cut a part of my leopard dress.
Then I put in in the both arms of my jacket and now, Viola! It's so nice and wearable :) chic!
Went to Sm Annex to shop for my hubby for our prenuptial pics
Starbucks second branch in Davao and cute shoes in Folded and hung

My new Stone-washed Denim

Love it!

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Blonde Hair Vs. Black hair

Sunday, March 25, 2012
I really loved my blonde hair.. It's a combination of ash blonde and copper blonde.. but I decided to turn it back to black hair for my wedding.. As I can see on Celebrity Weddings like Cheska Garcia, Lucy Torres and the likes, they all have black hair to make it look more classic.. and I have been taking care of my hair too much because blonde hair dries my hair..also, I really have to take care of my hair because of it's constant falling.. so I need to regain my glorious hair back..hopefully

At first, I never liked my hair because everyone loved my blonde hair.. I even thought I look like a pornstar.. good thing my good friend Jennifer told me I look like Anne Hathaway with my hair and my big teeth. LOL,,but now I'm loving it because it is so Low maintenance and I plan to cut my hair short after the wedding.. it took me almost two years to have this hair this long.. so excited for the wedding. Anyway, I decided to share some of my wedding preparations soon. Godbless everyone!

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Hubby's 28th Birthday :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My hubby and my son on his birthday dinner :)

My sis and bro in law

My family

The originals

I decided to have an 'office look' Blouse from mom, skirt from a department store, earrings from my mom again, shoes from my ate, bag from Aldo given by my mom again.. hhmm LOL I feel like I am so spoiled. LOL

So lucky to have my hubby!
I treated Eric and his family for his birthday because even if we are saving up for our wedding, I think my hubby deserves something to celebrate coz he is a great guy.. I love him much :)

Love my vintage earrings :)

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Riley's Grilled Burger and Ribs and John Carter Movie Review! :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Before going out on a date!

Celebrating our 3rd year wedding anniversary :)

I changed my outfit!

So lucky to have you!
Riley's ambiance 5/10

placemats cute!

The steak costs P140 pesos.. it's yummy and good for the price
Not that yummy burger 5/10.. Bigby's burger is still the best, the Manhattan Burger

I love the saying :)
John Carter is a combination of Prince of Persia, 300, Clash of The Titans and Avatar.. It has a nice story, and he looks like younger version of Olivier Martinez who is super hot! OMG! I can score the movie 9/10.. just enjoy the adventure of the movie! :)

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