Riley's Grilled Burger and Ribs and John Carter Movie Review! :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Before going out on a date!

Celebrating our 3rd year wedding anniversary :)

I changed my outfit!

So lucky to have you!
Riley's ambiance 5/10

placemats cute!

The steak costs P140 pesos.. it's yummy and good for the price
Not that yummy burger 5/10.. Bigby's burger is still the best, the Manhattan Burger

I love the saying :)
John Carter is a combination of Prince of Persia, 300, Clash of The Titans and Avatar.. It has a nice story, and he looks like younger version of Olivier Martinez who is super hot! OMG! I can score the movie 9/10.. just enjoy the adventure of the movie! :)

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