Blonde Hair Vs. Black hair

Sunday, March 25, 2012
I really loved my blonde hair.. It's a combination of ash blonde and copper blonde.. but I decided to turn it back to black hair for my wedding.. As I can see on Celebrity Weddings like Cheska Garcia, Lucy Torres and the likes, they all have black hair to make it look more classic.. and I have been taking care of my hair too much because blonde hair dries my hair..also, I really have to take care of my hair because of it's constant falling.. so I need to regain my glorious hair back..hopefully

At first, I never liked my hair because everyone loved my blonde hair.. I even thought I look like a pornstar.. good thing my good friend Jennifer told me I look like Anne Hathaway with my hair and my big teeth. LOL,,but now I'm loving it because it is so Low maintenance and I plan to cut my hair short after the wedding.. it took me almost two years to have this hair this long.. so excited for the wedding. Anyway, I decided to share some of my wedding preparations soon. Godbless everyone!

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