Mommy Blog: How I lost weight after Pregnancy

Friday, September 28, 2012

For my 301st blogpost,I decided to post my first Mommy blog!

So what would I write about?

Of course, How I got rid of the baby weight? !!!

I had my first child at 22. Imagine, just right of starting my career. So I decided right before then that I should be back in shape in the fastest way I can.

I researched while I was pregnant, so what I did was:

1. Exercise.

2. Oatmeal diet for brekky and dinner.

3. Protein diet for lunch less rice.

4. Put abdominal binder for the whole month.

5. Just be active.

6. get enough sleep.

7. Stay away from sweets.

I got to my pre-pregnancy shape after a month. But I had alopecia on my hair. So it was not a good diet route. So If I were you, breastfeeding is the way to go and just relax. :)
My hair grew back normal after a year pa..

Exercise but not as soon as possible.. :)

Hope you learned from my very first mommy blog!

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