Mommy Blog: How I did not get Stretchmarks after Pregnancy

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Most of us mommies want to still have the beautiful skin that we have as a single woman. That includes, NO STRETCH MARKS. I have it even if I did not have a baby, in my thigh area. But it's only whitish marks that I don't mind having.

One of my preggy mommy friend showed me her stretch marks and I was scared!

I researched and this sometimes happens.

OMG.. it is so scary right? I don't want to have that. Good thing my mom gave me Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula. I use it everyday, two times. It's good when you put it after a bath.

So, I did not have stretchmarks after pregnancy, and I was really happy, and I got lucky.
                                                   Hope I helped future mommies!

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  1. good thing u had ur mom with u during pregnancy. in my part, i did'nt know i had stretchmarks already until it was my 9th month., they showed up during my last 2weeks of pgrenancy. too late for cocoa butter.:( anyway, on the positive side, im proud of my marks! they represent my transition from woman to mother. :) which ofcourse is much rewarding. hehehehehe