My Encounter with the Lord Experience

Monday, September 10, 2012
Hey Guys! Just want to share my experience with the Lord last weekend. I'm with my friend Aissa.

We bought coffee so we could focus.

with my cell leader who keeps pushing and reminding me to join. Gosh! hehe

Aissa and I decided to enjoy the retreat together.

2nd day, we went to get Bo's coffee. We have to be there at 6 am.

Posing before the second day starts.

coffee, please help us!

Then we went to the beach on the 3rd day

friends forever

On the last day, our hubby supported us on our graduation. Hubby surprised me with flowers and 360 milk tea. lol

Doc Ivan surprised Aissa with beautiful roses

graduation time!

Good vibes! All in all it was a very great experience!

I was quite hesitant joining the encounter because I can't stand 3 days of just sitting around and listening. ADHD much. But my barkada Jennifer kept pushing me to join, and I decided to join because Aissa will also join. At first I was so close-minded because I was so busy with my business, mother, wife. But then on the first day, I decided to be more positive. It will make me closer to God. It touched me on the first day. The second day was extremely good. Our team leader had a prophecy about us. Aissa was the 'chosen' one and me was the 'generous' one. It made me cry because I really can relate with it. I also heard people in my group that their life was so miserable and the prophecy was also true to them. There was also a time when we called the Holy Spirit and I really gave my heart and soul and called the Holy Spirit to touch me. I prayed hard with everyone. And I felt it. Literally. It gave me a warm body and I was so sweaty and I had goosebumps. I was so happy to repent all my sins and being and Jesus saved us from it. God is always there for us. It made me cry so hard because it touched me and I felt the Lord was really there. Just to make it short, I believe God has touched me and I am now a renewed person. It was really a great experience. I hope you all could try it. If you believe, God will really go to your heart.

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