Styling a special friend - Cherry Maning

Saturday, September 22, 2012
We started our day with a quickie lunch at Coco's. Cherry's treat!

Yummy! Some of the waitress wanted to take a pic wid her!

As usual we had our pictorial!

Thanks besh!

No matter all the hardwork I did for my new business Budget Barbie PH and with the help of my mentors Mae Ann and Hubby...

I also credit my business to this woman, who trusted me to style her and believed in me and my talent.

The good thing is, we really been having fun working together.

She's so fun to be with and we all share the same interests..

Just standby for my vain Pics

Corset BBPH

I love her lip pose! 

Thanks besh for the free beautiful pictures. hehehe

paparazzi pics!

her designated driver

practicing her script

the owner of Jollibee Abreeza

Cherry was hired to be the host of the opening of Jollibee.

What a nice job I have! Being with a friend, free food, and a lot of freebies! haha

We love our jobs, we love our life!

Thanks Jollibee! Free pillows and gift certificate!

I had a great day with Cherry yesterday! She has everything a girl and a guy could ever dream of. She's a good role model for following dreams! Happy Sunday!

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  1. Nax! :) thanks besh.... Hehehehe.., I'm happy na lingaw pod ka. Haha more more more rackets to come. More blessing dear God pls? Hehe... Thanks besh for being a part of my echos life. :) positive vibes tayo palagi. :) Hope our friendship will last forever. :) xoxo