5 Ways to Misery

Friday, November 9, 2012

You want to be miserable? Then follow this steps!

1.Cling to entitlement. The world owes you! You are entitled of everything in this world.  Compromise and responsibility is not part of your life. You deserve it! If you don't get this, I'm sure you will be miserable.
Life owes you! You are here in this world to collect!

2. It's All Personal. Malicious intents are always there, in your family, friends and co-workers. Always assume.

3. Focus on your Problems. Always think about your problems. Make it a part of your daily life. Nurture the attitude that you can't really move on to anything unless it will be solved!

4.Magnify. Always make a big deal of everything! Think that every possible negative challenges in your life will eventually become a big problem. Every negative things that you think of will be your reality. It sucks!

5.No Thanks to Gratitude. Don't count your blessings! Your good health, loving family, career is something that you should NOT be thankful of. Don't be thankful to God. Wow! That's the best way to achieve it!

Misery loves Company! So share this to others! :)

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