How I got rid of my Pimples

Tuesday, April 30, 2013
Hey readers! It's been awhile once again. Blogging is supposed to be my first love. But now, I am more into handling my business and bonding with my son, hubby and my sister. I am very much focused and determined now that my son is getting bigger. Me and my love are trying to have baby number two also. My life is so much peaceful now. Lately I had been wishing for simple things. Like a nice sleep, a good vacation. New renovation for our house (where I grew up), I also want to expand my Budget Barbie Ph, new recipes for my Chicken Central Foodhouse and new projects for my salon...

Anyway amidst all that, I had a recent problem with my face. I had a lot of whiteheads on my forehead. Pimples keep popping out on my face. It's because my hormones went crazy when I stopped taking pills. It was not that bad but there are many whiteheads that needs to be pricked. When my sister got home from Jeddah she told me that I need to visit the dermatologist asap so that I can prevent anything worst that might happen.

Before that I tried Beache International, and it made gave me much more whiteheads gosh! What a waste of money. Then I tried Rogines peeling cream and nothing happened. 

The last time that I got pimples was 3rd year high school, and St. Ives Medicated scrub helped me very well. I tried it also but it did not help.

Then my sister told me to try Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil Line. But then it made my skin worst, 2 or more pimples keep popping in my face. Grrrr.

So for the last time, I decided to visit a dermatologist, I heard lots of good news towards Mediskin and it is quite near in my store in Victoria Plaza.

So they suggested I will go through Acne Surgery for faster results. After the surgery my face was super red and swollen. I did not get out of the house for 3 days... the dermatologist told me to comeback for another acne surgery for the last time.  I came back 3 days later than the said week. I had less whiteheads that time.

After the second acne surgery, I have a clearer skin. Hooray I got my clear skin back! :)
No pimples! Just small pimplemarks that will clear soon thanks to Keralyt Peeling.

I am still continuing the set that they gave me... and that is...

Mediskin Hypollargenic Soap
Claryfying Astringent
Sunscreen Gel every morning

I am so so happy with the results. I'm glad I went to Mediskin.

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