Mommyblog: Simple Family Bonding in Davao

Thursday, May 2, 2013
 I'm a sucker for family vacays. If I could, I want it to be once a week. If you have a simple family like me, having joys like going to Crocodile Park two times a week perks me up.

Many Davaoenos are now having the time of their lives going here in the afternoon. Some for biking - children/adults, walking, jogging, or to some like me, family bonding and exercising all in one.
You don't have to enter the Park.. you just have to enjoy the road before it. Many Davaoenos love to have a health lifestyle! :)

We go there atleast twice a week. We have a lot of fun together. Indeed money can't buy everything. Family is so important and they are my jewels in life. I love them so much and I want to spend all my days with them.

Before, I was so excited with having all the material things that I would like.. but now that I know that some of those thing are easily in my reach, I never wanted them. All I want is a happy and complete family. I know its a cliche but its true. Life is so short. Some people come and go, and you should be satisfied and happy with what God gave you.

Now I am peaceful, calm, happy, contented, determined and everything I ever wanted to be. Just one wish though, baby number two. :)

Hope you try going here with your family! Make sure to bring extra shirts, towels for your kids and lots of water. :)

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