Keeping Up with the Cancios

Saturday, May 4, 2013
 Well Hello dear readers! I just want to say Happy Sunday! Lately, Sunday is quite a happy day for me coz I get to rest and have some quality time with my family. Just want to show some pics in my new business venture at Damosa Bazaar every Friday and Saturday! :)
 Me and my sister love Keeping Up with the Kardashians. We always say how we love that they have their own clothing store, Dash. Now I'm making it come true day by day and I hope my business will grow more and more.
I am happy that I have my sister here with me, before, I was all alone in this dream. I work hard all by myself  managing everything and it is pretty much exhausting. Hopefully me and my sister will have more stores. #wishlist
 Okay for my outfit last Saturday. I wore galaxy blouse and long red skirt because in Damosa, mosquitoes are everywhere. They don't leave me alone. Next week I will bring OFF lotion. I can't wear sexy clothes because we do some heavy lifting on Friday to prepare then our last day the next day to pack up, so we have to dress appropriately.
 I love my galaxy blouse. Don't you also love my new bangs, thanks to my hairdresser on my salon, Glam Goddez Salon.. :)

 Here is my sister's OOTD, from Head to Toe my clothes... hehehe (she did not have the time to go home and change clothes)
 with our new bff Janice in the bazaar, she was the one who offered me our place now. So lucky to have her. She's so funny and wonderful to be with.
I hope me and my sister will be together forever, but if she has to go to build her dreams in another country, I will support her.. and I will be working my ass of alone (with the help of my hubby and salesladies of course) to build my own empire here in Davao. Lol. #dreambig #passion #lovefashion


  1. Far, ano yang footwear mo? gusto ko lagi yan :)

  2. hI sAR! sA TIANGGE ko lng nabili.. 220 yata.. hehehe