Mommy blog: It takes a village to raise a child

Friday, May 17, 2013
 Everytime people asked me how can I do a lot of things while balancing being a mother and a wife?
I'll tell you the truth. How I miss those selfies almost everyday. I am so busy now that I don't have the time to even dress up properly or put make up on. My hands are so full.
This pic was 2 years ago, while I was a happy housewife, just going to the gym, wife, mother and just minimal help of our business (accounting)

Right now I cherish those times because it's now a luxury to have nothing to do.

This was the time I worked at Cebu Pacific. Everytime I go, I feel guilty leaving him.

The not so stressed me!
Okay, so here's the truth. Managing all my businesses = so hard.
But I'm so passionate about it. But how did I get by? Because of my dependable personal assistant Marchelly and another assistant Ruth. The two of them can do all the things that I can do. They are like my proxy. They can be in Budget Barbie, in Chicken Central, Salon,and even in our internet cafes they are very well-trained! They are also good in managing our household. They are a part of the family. So if anyone asks whats the secret of having a long time yaya? Treat them with respect, love and care also. It takes a village to raise my son, my supportive hubby the two assistants, my mother in law and me. It's very true that you can't do everything on your own, and without them I am paralyzed to achieve all my dreams. Very very grateful. I can't take credit on everything.

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