My Bayo Summer Inspired Look

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

 Hi everyone! Did you miss me? Sorry I was so sick for a week and I don't have the energy to make a blogpost. But now I'm so alive and I want to post my fashion outfit post more often to keep up from last week!

 I was so inspired by summer from Bayo's model, Jasmine Curtis-Smith. I'm not a big fan of her, but I love her big sister sssoooo muuucccchhh... :)
 This day me and my sister helped our cousin Omar and his future wife, Zusette for their  Prenuptial Shoot. We had so much fun!
 We started at 5 am and I was still so sleepy! But for our dear cousin Omar, of course we will help them.
Zusette actually is my ate's bestfriend while working in Jeddah. We are so glad that they end up together. :)
My sister is quite a Little Miss Cupid! trolololol. I wish I could post their pictures but they said they don't want to post it before their wedding! :)
 with nothing to do!
Mysterious woman!

Here is my favorite shot!

This is my inspiration! I hope I did a nice job from it.

 Then we went to Alcohall for the last theme/shoot. I had fun! :)
Here is me camwhoring the blue bejeweled necklace! Too cute!

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  1. OMG! you look absoultely stunning and i love that combination! Probably will try it soon. hehe:) btw, how are you? it beeen awhile haven't visit you blogs. :) ohya, Congratulation on you new shop Saloon! :) u definitely a super business woman and mom. #inspiration!