I love my Bohemian Life!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013
 When you live in a place where it is so hot.. and all you can think is to go to the beach (15 minutes away), You really want to dress comfy and fresh! Today is so freakin' hot! So I decided to wear my bohemian chocolate pants. Then I used my corset top with my new knitted rust orange blazer.
 When I was in College, all I think was to go to NY, NY, NY! But now, I just want to visit the wonderful place. I love my life here, everyday is so wonderful and fulfilling. There are days when it is a challenge, Come on, we all have our problems to deal with, but to live life with determination and happiness makes me giddy up inside! Today, I am also so happy coz I'm with my sister. She's back after 2 years working as a nurse! Hopefully God will help her as she start a new venture. I will also help her! and Eric too. I hope she stays here for a long long time. I love my family.

 with my wonderful company, sister and Zusette. Say hello to my adorable son! He looks so tanned from our Banana Beach trip.
 I love my new bracelet! SO cute!
 I still can't get over the bracelet!
I love my bohemian life! To God be the Glory!

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