Vintage Glamour

Thursday, March 14, 2013
 Hi everyone! Today is all about my creativity... I'm thinking about vintage movies and all its glamour.
 There's something about fur, florals ad pearls that keeps me in touch with the vintage fashion.
 Don't you love fashion blogs which transpires you in a movie. I'm so addicted on finding inspiration on other blogs.
 To make it more adventurous, I put on booties for a cute surprise.
 I made this photo session while waiting for my hubby. He is so busy and my make up is still on.
 I hope you like my experimental photoshoot. Although I admit I can't wear this here in Davao but I love photographs like this.
Right now I'm still waiting for more in Life... duh... hehehe. so dramatic. Happy Friday and have a happyweekend ahead.

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