My hubby's bday at FarmVilI

Friday, March 22, 2013
I'm a city girl at heart, but spending this special day in the farm with the Zamora family is so freakin fun and cool.

Alrighty, when we arrived, I already started the photoshoot galore.

I really had fun with the Zamoras. The kids was really experiencing  the beauty of nature.

 I really love how my husband is also a child at heart playing with Liam and CHloe.

 With my ever reliable Marchely.

 Happy Bday my Love!

 My son playing with a chick.
 Stop and smell the flowers.

 Ek with her sis 

 Look at the beautiful mountains. :)

 The Zamora family.
 Our little bahay kubo!
 So beautiful and majestic. :)
 The boys playing kite.

My hubby is so special beyond words! He is such a great person and I'm so lucky to have him in my life. His uncle and lolo surprised him with Live Radio birthday song greetings for an hour. It is so sweet. I hope my hubby will have more years to come and hope God will bless us with another baby soon!

Our treasure, our life...


  1. Faraaaah!!! I sooo love your shoooes. :)

  2. Hi rea! Thanks! Its from Forever 21.. anyway connnggrraattttssss on your baby! Im so so happy for you! :) Wish you good health and sa baby mo. Godbless! :)

  3. awww! this is such a sweet post and it always awesome to spending a time with you own family. :)