I love Mickey Mouse

Thursday, March 7, 2013
 Wow! It's already Friday! How time flies so fast! So excited for the weekend! I'm planning on some alone time to get a surprise birthday gift for my dear hubby this March 21! 
The outfit for today is all about being a kid again! If your a mom like me, watching all the cartoons from Disney Channel makes me reminisce some of my childhood days. Mickey Mouse is the most popular and household cartoon name. It's my son's favorite character last year, but now, he loves Spongebob, Oggy and the Cockroach and Phineas and Ferb.

 I am wearing a shirt given by my brother for my son, but it was too big for him, so I decided to use it for now.
The Denim Jacket is from Forever 21, given by my VIP - mom. 

Shoes from Primadonna and bunny headband from Divisoria.
 If you ask me what my style is, It would be anything under the sun! Sometimes I want it to be fun, then classy, Gyaru, boho or rocker chic. It just depends on my mood.
 Look Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse is staring at me! Haha. I love pictures with dirty places cause it makes my fashion statement standout.
 Anyway, we went to Johnny Air Cargo to get my mom's gifts to Liam and to my hubby for his birthday. I got some new lippies and this denim jacket.
Hope you have a happy Friday! I'm excited for the weekend, I will meet one of my customers, Sharie, go to the gym and shop a little bit. Hope you love my fun look today!


  1. Sus, kahit ano pang suotin mo Far, bagay talaga sayo. Favorite din ni Rhett as of now ang Mickey Mouse. hehehe

  2. Hi sar! Hehehe. Mao gyud na pag ana na age ba.. :) pero ma shock ka nlng next time, ayaw na ni rhett ng ganyan... kay pambaby dw.. right now ayaw na tlga ni Liam si Mickey. More on cartoon network na. How time flies!