The end of Facebook...RAWR

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

 Hey everyone! Just want to say that I am retiring on my personal FB account. It literally dawned on me on how it's turning to be a bad place to be in. Let it put it this way, I am so happy with my life that people try to judge me or degrade me with it. My husband keeps on telling me to stop using FB, coz not all of them are happy for you and are having a great life.
I did not approve on stopping my FB account coz I have my close friends and family there and its fun to interact. But the inevitable comes when a family member caused me pain and I really am bursting with anger and tears.

I had always been the respectful and cheerful family member, and I literally am very positive person. That I think I know why I have a positive life. My mother taught me to be always grateful and to put your feet on the ground.
But when I am hurt, which I really am, I could not help myself and I'm really really angry. It's the first time in my life that someone belittled me and I am so full of angst and negativity. They messed with the emotional and respectful one.  I can say that I was so shocked that someone I respected and did not even care to check on Fb decided to make a status towards me based on my FB ACCOUNT. Of course you will just put all positive things in my FB ACCOUNT. Why put pics with no make up on? I just want my FB to be full of Women empowerment just like Michelle Phan.

My life has been a rollercoaster, it has cost me a lot of pain and I am so happy that right now I am living my dream. Yes, I can say that right now, me and my husband are succesful entrepreneurs and I don't need to prove myself by saying how much money I earn through social media. (bragbook much and it can be very very unsafe.) I did not regret leaving the Nursing profession because it was not my passion. It is really really true that when you are doing your passion, you can really succeed in life.

I sometimes feel sad when the real idea was to go to New York and work as a nurse there. Life is so ironic but still I am very happy that my mom is proud of me. I finished college and took all the Nsg exams. I am self sufficient and I did not step on other people or hurt anyone.

Sometimes when you show kindness to other people, they might think that they can step on you. Even on what age they are. But my mother told me to always respect each other as an individual. I really try to keep the anger to myself, but given on the amount of positivity and respect to the person, I don't feel like they  deserve to be given the 'good and understanding' treatment. I really feel sad on how they are not happy for me, the way that I am happy for them on whatever passion they are in. The other person who tried to fight with me also intimidated me with her very good grammar. Girl, it is not about the most intelligent person that will succeed. No matter where you are in the industry, your attitude will really matter. You can't intimidate me cause you might feel that your smarter than me, but I am street smart. I am very down to it, cause my mom did not put a silver spoon on my mouth. So go ahead and test me. Suffice to say, achieve something really really good first before you try to degrade me. Di kapa nga dumating sa paroroonan, at ganyan kana. Paano nalng kung dumating kana? Oh I'm so afraid. It is so funny that  I am always happy for their achievements. Do I deserve to be treated that way? NOT. Why did she say rude comments about me? To start war? I don't know where it's coming from. Please don't expect this to be gone overnight. I am a human being and I can't be okay agad agad. I am  hurting and disappointed with you. No matter how you turn it all around, you are the one who started this. How are you so capable to judge me? Did not do any harm to you.


Well, as she said, ENOUGH of this, and from this day on, I will say enough already. This is the last time that I will talk about this. I am moving on with my life and work harder to be successful. It feels great that I know my husband is right.

I'm moving on to instagram cause most people there appreciate the artistry of fashion and make-up. I wanted to remove all the negative things that happens cause I know its not healthy anymore. I just can't delete fb because I have my clothing line there.

Hubby is so cute by the way cause my hubby said, "Don't worry, I will protect you always."

So goodbye facebook and negative people. Hello to positivity and inspiration!