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Friday, March 22, 2013
Hey guys! Here is a pic of my son receiving his merit ward, Good in Memory Verse. I guess he got it from his dad who was always in Talumpatis when he was in grade school in Stella Maris.

I am so proud of my son and everytime there is an activity/program at school, I made it a point to be there always.

When I was in second year highschool, my mom has to go to New York so that me and my siblings can go to good schools, for us to have a brighter future. Before she left, she loaded us with good values and for us to be prepared on anything. To be a good person. To not try bad vices.

So, fast forward when she left, I had important presentations that she was not there, 2 graduations, High School and College, heartbreaks and some lifes challenges. Passing the board exams, Even my civil wedding she was not able to come. Although my mom is always there for me by phone, skype or by heart, sometimes I really feel sad that she was not there, coz she is so special to me. She is the only constant person in my world, and yes there are days that it is really sad and painful. Specially when I did something really good and I want her there to witness it with me. That kind of life made me strong to fight with all my problems. Sometimes when I was upset with my problems my mom made me stronger and told me that I have to fix it on my own and I don't need anyone to fix it for me. I remember the time when my mom did not gave us budget to ride a tricycle to get to our house, and I was always walking under the heat of the sun, thinking to myself, that someday I will have my own car. She only gave us extra money when it's our birthday or Christmas and I kept saying to myself, someday I can afford the clothes that I want to wear, and I will have my own clothing store. LOL (dream come true)

So now, I became a mom, I really am 100% there with my son. I want him to experience what I missed in my life. I want him to feel that I am there.

I love my mom and I know she wants to be there for me too, but our life is meant to be like that. I am who I am now because of her and I'm so grateful for her. Love you ma.

For me, I chose to be here as long as I can for my son and future children... I want him to be molded like the way my mom did, to live life with goals. So for those of you who wants to have children, or already have one, make sure that you are there for your child.. cause time will really pass by, and you might not know what will happen, and the life's challenges will let you be apart...

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  1. this is just sooo sweeeet and inspiration for every single woman out that will became wife someday. definitely agree with you :)