Taken 2 Movie Review

Saturday, October 6, 2012

If you ask me what's my fave movie of all time, it would be Taken by Liam Neeson.

I just love the movie so much! Gosh! So I was quite excited to know that there will be continuation of the most amazing movie ever. Imagining that he and his wife will be back together and there will be more action scenes.

We watched last Thursday.. I was disappointed.

Liam is not fit in the movie. I think he gained weight or something? And then the plot. I mean how come after everything that happened they will go to Istanbul. LOL. It did not scare them apparently.

So everything happened so fast and the bad guy was not that powerful.
I loved the part where his daughter was looking for him through his instructions.That's it. When he came for the revenge part, all of the boys was so small compared to him and he looks like a giant. Everyone seems like an amateur compared to him. The last man that he had to kill was so dramatic and  an elderly. No challenge!!!!

All in all, 6/10. They should have made a better script. I just love the first one and I got so disappointed with the second one. Not that good.

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  1. Neeson is fine in this lead role, but it sort of is getting to the point now of where he’s a bit too old for roles like this. However, it won’t bother the audience that goes out to see this considering the guy has become a new action-movie icon. Good review.