How to have Slimmer Face

Thursday, October 18, 2012
Hi everyone! I made this post 5 months ago, and I forgot all about this! I decided to post this before I go to Manila for business adventure! So this is how to have slimmer face beauty blog!

I use Cover Girl for contouring :)

Etude House for the Natural Glow!

I'm using this for the contouring!

Then this one for the Shiny shimmering splendid glow. LOL

First Up! Put on a small amount on the angled brush.

Make this kind of face. LOL

Put it on the shape of the bone structure you made and keep it clean and even.

Always look on the mirror because it will not look good uneven. It's brown for God's sake! LOL

Here is the look.

Put also the brown shade on the sides of your jaw.

and on the side of your eyes to the forehead.

Time for some shimmer and glow!
Put some of it on your cheeks.

Then to the jaw, then on the side of  your eyes and forehead. 
That's it! Hope you learned from it.
 You can also put pink blush afterwards!

If you want to contour your nose, check out my friend Cherry Maning's blog:

The title: Nosy about you nose

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