My Manila Trip Oct 20-22, 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012
Hi guys! :) Went to Manila for Budget Barbie PH business trip. Been busy with my brothers and I had so much fun! 
The only time I dolled up! Wearing Budget Barbie PH

Fitness First ABS CBN.. My kuya is a gym instructor, he had a class there.

We went to SuperBowl for 2 days in a row! So yummy!

My last day, I had 3 hours of workout. I t was so intense!
Proud of my brother. He loves his job so much! About to go home. Wearing Budget Barbie PH Blazer.. with my friend Lala ,an international flight attendant. We had a good time on our airport date! To Lala tnx for helping me on my problem. mwah!

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